Friday, October 8, 2021

ASTHRA MEDICAL ACADEMY -The best medical academy in Long term NEET coaching




My name T. V. V. Sainadh. 

I am expecting 615 marks in NEET 2021. When i joined in the institution, i knew the subject for some extent­čśô. But the complete knowledge over core subjects has attained after trained for one year under your guidance­čśŹ. First of all I want to thank the galaxy of the staff members of ASTHRA medical academy mainly ❤Mrt sir,Kvb sir, Kvl sir❤ and others. Their determination, dedication ,friendly teaching and affection towards their students is appreciable­čÖé. Their follow up towards clarification of the subjects is very cooperative­čśŐ .Their encouragement and withstand make the students bring their dreams into reality­čśÄ. I'm very thankful to the ASTHRA management for bringing me to this position­čśç. 

 Student of Asthra Medical Academy( Asthralite)…..

      T. V. V. Sai nadh ❤



I’m Praveen Sai Bhogineni. 

My expected score in NEET 2021 is around *_627_* out of *_720_* .

My experience with 

*Asthra Medical Academy*  was great . 

Right from the day one , everything in the Academy went in right direction. 

So , starting with teaching process , everything went according to the plan and the subject was completely covered in time . Even the revision was perfect.

The biggest plus point for me was, all the Lecturers . In any institution the set of Lecturers is the most important aspect . And it was excellent  here . A big thanks to each and every lecturer. With help of all the lecturers, I have completed each and every topic perfectly .

I felt this Academy is a lot better than most of the other institutions because I had a lot of ease with which I can go to a Lecturer and ask a doubt which is quite absent in other institutions. This helped me a lot . Each and every lecturer was available for me to ask a doubt whenever I needed . This helped me a lot . The Lecturers are highly dedicated and supportive .

The Revision plan was quite good and helped me in the pre Grand test phase . It was planned well and has happened well. 

Grand Tests were planned well and the quality of the test papers was very helpful for me .The grand tests helped me to get prepared , for all types of test papers.

Finally , 

Thanks to each and every staff member of the Academy who have supported me .

Thanks to each and every Lecturer for everything they have taught me and thanks for taking time to help me with all the subjects.  Thanks for the encouragement , motivation and above all, 

 the SUPPORT . 

A big thanks to All . 


Thank you ASTHRA


I’m Z.Nissi Manmitha Reddy

I got admission in kurnool medical college last year with the NEET score 571

My experience with asthra medical academy can’t be explained so easily. There are many things which makes asthra one of the best colleges for NEET aspirants.

First thing which is remarkable at Asthra is the faculty. Each and every lecturer is very talented and they have a lot a experience and they are amongst the best faculty of the state. Everyday we used to have study hours to which concerned faculty used to attend and clarify the doubts whether they were silly or complicated. Their friendly affection and teaching made me more comfortable to clarify all my queries in the subject without hesitation.


During lockdown, even though when we were at home our sirs used to call us and enquired about our preparation and the points where we were lagging behind and used to send lots of practice sheets. 

Tests were conducted on regular basis and analysis was given both during offline and online classes. Paper discussion was done after the completion of test .

Asthra gave the environment which never felt like a hostel. It was like home away from home. I can surely say that i have made the perfect and the best decision to join at Asthra.!!

I never thought i would join in a prestigious medical college.  I am so grateful to MRT sir ,KVB sir ,KVL sir , KVR sir , Virat sir for paving a perfect way to reach my goal..!! Whatever I am today is because of their perfect guidance, determination and never ending spirit of making their students to reach their goal.!✨




Myself  Chowtapalli Sravani,student of RANGARAYA MEDICAL COLLEGE,Kakinada......

▪️Many students around the world may have a dream to pursue medical career but only a few can achieve it....

Among those many students I am the one who have a dream to pursue medical career I can surely say that I achieved it only because of ✨ASTHRA MEDICAL ACADEMY✨

Why Asthra is special and different from other academies❓

­čö╣Obviously the answer would be the great lecturers who are working very hard for our success....





They have the best teaching experience above 20 years

­čö╣As a student we will have many doubts while preparing for NEET,but we may feel shy or afraid to express our doubts before lecturers so that we can't understand the concept....

But it is very important   to clarify our doubts !!!

Here in ASTHRA all the lecturers are creating a environment where we are not afraid to express our doubts and clear it and developing good concept...

­čö╣Exams are conducted regularly and doubts are clarified by the same day evening which made me to correct my mistakes

­čö╣Homely environment which made me to concentrate more on studies

­čö╣Health is utmost important in order to work hard!!!

Nutritious food provided in ASTHRA made me stronger even

I am very happy to choose ASTHRA MEDICAL ACADEMY as this made me now a MEDICO

Gratitude towards the dynamic and energetic lecturers will last forever in my life

Thankful to you everytime sir.......