Friday, October 8, 2021



I’m Praveen Sai Bhogineni. 

My expected score in NEET 2021 is around *_627_* out of *_720_* .

My experience with 

*Asthra Medical Academy*  was great . 

Right from the day one , everything in the Academy went in right direction. 

So , starting with teaching process , everything went according to the plan and the subject was completely covered in time . Even the revision was perfect.

The biggest plus point for me was, all the Lecturers . In any institution the set of Lecturers is the most important aspect . And it was excellent  here . A big thanks to each and every lecturer. With help of all the lecturers, I have completed each and every topic perfectly .

I felt this Academy is a lot better than most of the other institutions because I had a lot of ease with which I can go to a Lecturer and ask a doubt which is quite absent in other institutions. This helped me a lot . Each and every lecturer was available for me to ask a doubt whenever I needed . This helped me a lot . The Lecturers are highly dedicated and supportive .

The Revision plan was quite good and helped me in the pre Grand test phase . It was planned well and has happened well. 

Grand Tests were planned well and the quality of the test papers was very helpful for me .The grand tests helped me to get prepared , for all types of test papers.

Finally , 

Thanks to each and every staff member of the Academy who have supported me .

Thanks to each and every Lecturer for everything they have taught me and thanks for taking time to help me with all the subjects.  Thanks for the encouragement , motivation and above all, 

 the SUPPORT . 

A big thanks to All . 


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