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1.               Arrange the following cells in the order of development
A)Pro-erythroblast      B)Erythroblast
C)Myeloid stem cell     D)Erythrocyte               E)Reticulocyte
1)A-B-D-C-E                  2)C-AB-E-D                    3)C-A-E-B-D                    4)A-C-B-D-E
2.               The immune cells which can directly recognize the abnormal surface antigens and destroy the cancer cells are
1)B-cells                          2)Macrophages               3)Neutrophils                   4)NK-cells
3.               The cells which are formed directly from both myeloid stem cells and lymphoid stem cells are
1)megakaryoblasts         2)dendritic cells             3)monocytes                     4)mast cells
4.               Pluripotent cells are found in
1)muscles                        2)liver                              3)umbilical cord              4)skin
5.               Match the following
LIST-I                                                                       LIST-II
A)Platelets                                                                I)Myeloid progenitor
B)Neutrophils                                                          II)Megakaryocytes
C)Granulocytes                                                       III)Myeloblasts
D)B-cell committed progemitor                          IV)Lymphoid progenitor
         A         B        C      D                          A         B           C         D
1)     III        II        IV     I               2)        II          IV         III        I
3)     II          III       I        IV            4)        IV        III          II          I
          This plays an important role with reference to G1 checkpoint
          (1)    Retinoblastoma protein                            (2) Cadherin
           (3) A-1 antitrypsin                                           (4) p53 Protein
6.      Match the following:
                        List I                                                             List II
            (I)        Totipotent                                         (A)     Epiblast
           (II)        Pluripotent                                        (B)      Muscle stem cells
         (III)        Multipotent                                       (C)      HSCs
         (IV)        Unipotent                                          (D)     Zygote
          The correct match is:
                        I          II         III       IV                                                       I          II         III       IV
          (1)         D         B         C         A                                             (2)       D         A         B         C
          (3)         D         B         A         C                                             (4)       D         A         C         B
7.      ‘Taxol’ causes destruction of hair follicle cells leading to
          (1)    Anaemia             (2)    Amnesia             (3)    Alopecia            (4)    Anorexia
8.      Which of the following arises directly from lymphoid progenitor but not myeloid progenitor?
          (1)    Dendritic cell    (2)    B cell                  (3)    Platelet               (4)    NK cell
9.      Note the following.
          A.      Macrophage                                          B.      Self-renewing pluripotent stem cell
          C.      Granulocyte-monocyte progenitor   D.      Monocyte
          E.      Myeloid stem cell                                F.      Monocyte committed progenitor
          Arrange the above in the correct sequence of differentiation.
          (1)    E à B à C à F à D à A                   (2)    B à C à E à F à D à A
          (3)    B à E à C à F à D à A                 (4) B à E à F à C à D à A
10.    Matching                     
                Cell                                                                       Function
          A) Mast cells                                                  I)      Storage of fats
          B)  Macrophages                                            II)     Scavengers
          C)  Plasma cells                                              III)   Vasodilation      
          D)  Adipocytes                                                 IV)   Antibodies
                                                                                     V)     Storage of fats  
          The correct match is
                   A       B       C       D                                   A       B      C       D     
          1)      III      II       I         IV                        2)      I         II      III       IV
          3)     III      II      IV       I                           4)     III     IV     II        I
11.       Study the following and choose the correct combinations
Type of defense
I. First line
Lysozyme of saliva
II. Second line
Natural killer cells
III. Third line
IV. Second line

          1) I and III                 2) II and IV                   3) I and II                   4) III and IV
12.       Which of the following is not a correct combination?
            1) Bursa of Fabricius – Lymphoid organ of birds    
            2) Peyer’s patches – Lymphoid tissue of small intestine
            3) Spleen – Burial ground for old and worn out RBC
            4) Natural Killer cells – Like neutrophils granulocytes
13.       Which of the following is/are autoimmune disorders?
            A. Grave’s disease                                  B. Sickle cell anaemia           
            C. Rheumatoid arthritis                        D. Follicular hyperketatosis
            1) A and B                 2) A and C             3) A, B and D          4) A only
14.       Arrange the following in a sequence pertaining to cell mediate immunity
            A. Release of interleukins by T-cells  B. Release of perforins and granzymes
            C. Antigen processing by APC             D. Activation of Tc cells into CTLs
            E. Destruction of infected cells
          1) C-A-D-E-B             2) C-A-D-B-E           3) C-D-A-B-E           4) C-A-B-D-E
15.  Correct one related with second line of defence is
       1. Adaptive immunity                                        2. Barrier to entry of microbes
       3. Cannot differentiate self and non-self       4. Not specific
16.  In mechanism of hormonal action G protein directly activates
       1. Protein-kinase A      2. Phosporylase          3. Adenylate cyclase 4. Cyclic AMP
17.  Match the following and choose the correct one
A. Paratope
1. Antiviral proteins
B. Interleukins
2. Formation of functional lymphocytes
C. Epitope
3. Part of immunoglobulin
D. Interferons
4. Antigenic determinant

5. Differentiation of immune cells
       1. A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1                                         2. A-3, B-1, C-4, D-5
       3. A-3, B-5, C-4, D-1                                         4. A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1
18.   Assertion (A): Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder which leads to paralysis of
     skeletal muscles.
Reason (R): Antibodies produced against acetyl choline receptors of sarcolemma bind to them and block the activity of acetyl choline in the neuromuscular junction.
         1) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
         2) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
          3) (A) is true but (R) is false                        4) (A) is false but (R) is true
19.      Assertion (A): Immunity developed by vaccination is called active immunity.
           Reason (R): A vaccine typically contains the disease causing microorganism, and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe.
         1)  A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
         2)  A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
          3) A is true, R is false.                       4) A is false, R is true.
20.      Class II MHC molecules surface on
           1) Antigen presenting cells and present antigens to T8 cells
           2) All nucleated cells and present antigens to T4 cells
           3) Antigen presenting cells and present antigens to T4  cells
           4) All nucleated cells and present antigens to T8 cells
21.      Assertion (A): Antibodies opsonize bacteria.
           Reason (R): They precipitate insoluble antigens and agglutinate soluble antigens
         1)  A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
         2)  A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
         3) A is false, R is true.                                       4) A is true, R is false.     
22.      The following are various events in the replication cycle of HIV
           A. Release of viral ssRNA into host cell    B. Formation of provirus          
           C. Attachment of Gp120 to CD4 markers
           D. Formation and release of new viral proteins in host cell.
           Their correct sequence is
          1) ACBD                     2) CABD                    3) CBAD                    4) ACDB
23.      Study the following statements.
           I. NK-cells can not recognize the cell surface antigens
           II. All type of acquired immunity develop life time immunological memory
           III. CTLs and memory T cells are formed in lymph nodes
           IV. Memory B cells are devoid of antibodies.
           Which of the above are incorrect?
           1) Only I&IV              2) Only I,II and IV       3) Only III                           4) Only IV
24.      Study the following statements
           I. CMI is caused by NK-cells.
           II. Cell surface antibodies can not recognize unprocessed antigens
           III. Immunocomplexes are removed by MNPs
           Which of the above are correct?
           1) Only I and III         2) Only II and III          3) Only III                           4) I,II &III
25.      Arrange the following in ascending order as per their degree of differentiation potential (potency)
           a)  Haemopoetic stem cells                           b)  Embryonic stem cells
           c)  Cells of morula                                          d)  Muscle stem cells
           1)  c – b – a – d          2)  d – b – c – a            3)  a – d – b – c                  4)  d – a- b – c
26.      One of the following has origin from both lymphoid lineage and myeloid lineage.  Identify
           1)  Dendritic cells     2)  Megakaryocytes    3)  Granulocyte monocyte           4)  Pre B – cells
27.      The defective neuronal cells in certain nervous disorders are replaced by stem cell therapy.  These stem cells are collected from the preserved umbilical cords.  Stem cells in umbilical cords are
          1)  Totipotent             2)  Pleuripotent         3)  Multipotent                     4)  Unipotent
28.    Natural killer cells of the immunity system represents
          1) Ist line of defence                                               2) II line of defence
          3) III rd line of defence                                           4) Humoral immunity
29.    Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) might be due to absence of the enzyme
          1) Transaminase                                                      2) Adenosine deaminase       
          3) Transacetylase                                                    4) Adenosine triphosphotase           
30.    Normal gene is dominant but abnormal mutant is recessive for
          1) proto oncogene                                            2) gene                 
          3) incontinentia pigmenti                               4) follicular hyper keratosis
31.    Immunological memory not provided by
          1) B – lymphocytes   2)  cells                   3)  cells                   4) NK cells
32.    Consider the following statements about immune system, pick out the correct option.
          I)    Spleen acts as a filter of the blood by trapping blood-borne microorganisms.
          II)  Humoral immunity is mediated by the antibodies and it is due to the interaction of B-cells  with free antigens.
          III) Lymph nodes are small solid structures of lymphatic system and they trap microorganisms or other antigens.
          IV) Cell mediated immunity is effective against both exogenous and endogenous antigens and it does not involve antibodies.
          1) All are true except III                                 2) All are false except II    
          3) All are true except I & IV                          4) All are true
33.    Antihuman immune serum globulins are produced by this
          1) By injecting HISGs into the blood of same man                         
          2) By injecting human serum antigens into another man               
          3) By injecting human serum antigens into the blood of goat       
          4) By injecting HISGs into the blood of rabbit

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