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1.     Arrange events Of DNA finger printing in sequence
         A) fragmentation of DNA                              B) blotting
         C) exposure on film to make a DNA finger print
         D) hybridization with probe                          E) separation by electrophoresis          
         1) ABCDE                                      2) AEBDC        
          3) ABDEC                                     4) BDCEA
2. Sickle cell anaemia is                                                                                                                              
           1) Caused by substitution of valine by glutamic acid in the chain of haemoglobin           
           2) Characterised by the presence of elongated sickle shaped RBC with a central nucleus  
          3) Caused by no haemoglobin in most of the RBC                                                                      
          4) Caused by substitution of glutamic acid by valine in the  chain of haemoglobin           
3. The following genetic disorder causes building up of mucus in several internal organs
           & may lead to death at a very early age.                                                                                    
           1) Phenyl ketonuria   2) Haemophilia          3) Cystic fibrosis       4) DMD                 
4. In human population these male individuals have male genitalia and internal genital ducts; but their testes remain underdeveloped and feminine sexual development is not completely suppressed                                                                                                                  
           1) Down’s syndrome                                       2) Klinefelter syndrome   
           3) Turners syndrome                                                                            4) Edward syndrome                   
5. Study the following and choose the correct answer
            SYNDROME                                    ANEUPLOIDY                    CHARACTER/S     
           A) Cri-du-chat syndrome               8 P Monosomy                     Cat like cry
           B) Edwards syndrome                     18 Trisomy               Cardiac abnormalities and kidney                                                                                                           malfunctioning
           C) Turner`s syndrome                    23 monosomy           Gonadial dysgenesis
           D) Patau syndrome                          13 Trisomy               Leukemia cancer
           Which of the above are correct? 
           1) A and B only          2) B and C only        3) B, C and D only   4) All
6. The number of genes located on human chromosome-1 is                                                              
           1) 2698                        2) 2768                        3) 2678                        4) 2968                  
7. Tandem repeats with clusters of 10 – 100 nucleotides are called                                                
          1) Mini satellites        2) Nucleosomes         3) Solenoids                4) Micro satellites           
8. The fundamental technique involved in         DNA finger printing was pioneered and performed by  
          1) Jeffrys while observing the gene related to dystrophin                                              
          2) EM. Southern while observing the gene related to myoglobin                                  
          3) EM. Southern while observing the gene related to dystrophin                                  
          4) Jeffrys while observing the gene related to myoglobin
9.    Study the following about blood groups:
       I. According to Weiner the number of genotypes that a child can suffer from HDN is 16.
       II. AB → A or B or O is compatible plasma transfusion.
       III. Isoagglutinogens are of IgM type.
       The correct ones of the above are
       1. Only I and II              2. Only I and III          3. Only II and III            4. I, II and III
10.  Unpaired allosome determines the sex in females in
       1. Grasshopper              2. Birds                        3. Fumea                        4. Drosophila
11.  A man who has haemophilia C and also suffering from tritanopia, married a normal woman whose father suffered from both these traits. What is probability of occurrence of both these traits in their daughters?
       1. 25%                            2. 50%                          3. 75%                            4. 0%
12.  Match the following and choose the correct one
       Genetic disorder
Related to
A. Cri-du-chat-syndrome
1. Chromosome 11
B. Cystic fibrosis
2. Trisomy 18
C. Edwards syndrome
3. Chromosome 16
D. Beta thalassemia
4. Long arm of 7th chromosome

5. 5P monosomy
       1. A-5, B-4, C-2, D-3                                         2. A-4, B-5, C-2, D-3
       3. A-4, B-5, C-3, D-1                                         4. A-5, B-4, C-2, D-1
13.  Blood group of wife is A+ and husband is B+ but their mothers are O- ; their first child is AB+ , what is the probability of their second child having O+ blood group?
       1. 1 out of 8                   2. 1 out of 4                 3. 3 out of 8                   4. 3 out of 16
14.  When male Drosophila with bobbed bristles is crossed with homozygous wild female, the males of the F2 progeny wild and bobbed bristles appear in the ratio of
       1. 1:1                              2. 2 :1                           3. 3 :1                             4. 1 : 0
15.  ASSERTION (A): In Drosophila melanogaster AAXO zygote develops into male.
       REASON (R): In Drosophila the male with above compliment produces half of motile sperms
       with AX condition while the remaining half motile sperms are with AO condition.
       1. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true. ‘R’ is the correct explanation of ‘A’
       2. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true. But ‘R’ is the correct explanation of ‘A’.
       3. ‘A’ is true but ‘R’ is false                             4. ‘A’ is false but ‘R’ is true
16.  Common feature between sex-limited and sex-influenced traits is
       1. Both are due to linked genes                        2. Expression is observed in both sexes
       3. Both are due to autosomal genes 
       4. Expressed in homozygous condition in both sexes
17.  Philadelphia chromosome is
       1. Trisomy of 22nd chromosome                      2. Abnormally long 9th chromosome
       3. Trisomy of 9th chromosome                         4. Abnormally short 22nd chromosome
18. Wrong statement of the following is
       1. VNTRs are non-coding repetitive DNA.      2. SNPs help in tracing human history.
       3. The largest known human gene is located on the chromosome with highest number of genes.
       4. Shotgun sequencing is used for sequencing of longer fragments of DNA.
19.       The following is a typical example of pleiotropy in human
            1) Incontinentia pigmenti                         2) Phenylketonuria    
            3) Down’s syndrome                               4) Pattern baldness
20.      Assertion (A): In follicular hyperkeratosis, the homozygous affected female affects all her  children
            Reason (R)    : Follicular hyperkeratosis is X-linked dominant disease
            1) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
            2) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
            3) (A) is true but (R) is false                              4) Both (A) and (R) are false
21.       Haemolytic disease in foetus and new born is due to
            1) AO incompatibility                                             2) Rh incompatibility
            3) OO incompatibility                                             4) AB incompatibility
22.       ‘BB’ bald and ‘O’ blood group woman married ‘Bb’ bald and ‘AB’ blood group
an and has given only male children. The probability of children is
            1) all the children are bald with ‘A’ or ‘B’ blood groups
            2) all the children are non-bald with ‘A’ or ‘B’ blood groups
            3) all the children are bald with ‘AB’ or ‘O’ blood groups
            4) all the children are non-bald with ‘AB’ or ‘O’ blood groups
23.       The female individuals share ¾ genes with each other in
            1) haplo-diploidy in Apis                            2) XX-XY method in Drosophila
            3) ZO-ZZ method in Fumea                        4) XX-XO method in Periplaneta
24.  Study the following pertaining to haemophilia and choose the correct combinations
            a. Haemophilia A is more common type of haemophilia
            b. Haemophilia-B people have lack of functional clotting factor IX
            c. Haemophilia-B is an autosomal disorder
            d. Haemophilia-A people lack the functional clotting factor VII
            1) a and b                   2) b and d                  3) b and c                   4) a and d
25.       A recessive gene for bobbed condition is present on Y-chromosome of male Drosophila. When it is  crossed with a heterozygous wild female Drosophila, mention the percentage of males with bobbed condition
            1) 100%                     2) 50%                       3) 25%                       4) 0%
26.       Which of the following is an incorrect statement?
            1) SRY gene is a holandric gene               2) Development of beard is Y-linked feature
            3) Formation of horn in Dorset sheep is sex influenced  
            4) Phrynoderma is X-linked dominant
27.    Study the following:
I. Sickle cell anemia
Autosomal recessive
II. Hypertrichosis
X-linked dominant
III. Tritanopia
X-linked recessive
IV. Patau’s syndrome
       The correct ones of the above are
       1. II, III and IV only      2. III and IV only        3. I, II and III only       4. I and IV only
28.  ASSERTION (A): Mutation of proto-oncogenes are dominant.
       REASON ( R): Both copies proto-oncogene gene in the homologous pair of chromosomes must undergo mutation to allow cancer to develop.
       1. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true and ‘R’ is correct explanation to ‘A’.
       2. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true but ‘R’ is not correct explanation to ‘A’
       3. ‘A’ is true but ‘R’ is false                             4. ‘A’ is false but ‘R’ is true
29.  Study the following:
       I. For X-linked genes males are hemizygous.
       II. HDN develops in the foetus whose genotype is DD or Dd.
       III. All holandric genes are transmitted by a male to his grandson through his son.
       The correct ones of the above are
       1. Only I and III             2. Only I and II            3. Only II and III         4. I, II and III
30.  Which of the following is heterogametic?
       1. Male Fumea              2. Peacock                   3. Female Fumea        4. Female grasshopper
31.  Skin colour in humans is a polygenic trait and is controlled by three genes. Which of the following genotypes make same genetic contribution to skin’s darkness?
       1. aabbCC; aaBbCc; aaBBCc                           2. AaBbcc; aabbCC, aaBbCc
       3. AaBbCc; AaBBCc; AAbbCc                        4. AABbCc; AAbbCC; aaBBcc
32.    Morgan carried out experiments in Drosophils to know how linkage affects inheritance. What are the traits selected for these experiments                                         
          1) Body size and wing colour                              2) Eye colour and wing size
          3) Body bristles and wing colour                        4) Body colour and wing size
33.    The alleles of one of the following are not pleiotropic. Identify
          1) Phenylketonuria     2) Cystic fibrosis            3) Sickle cell disease    4) Webbing of toes
34.    Assertion (A)  : Multiple alleles cannot be observed in normal genotype but can be observed in population level.
          Reason(R) : A gene may have more than two alleles but only two of them occur in a diploid animal at a time
1) A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
2) A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
          3) A is true, R is false.                                          4)  A is false, R is true.
35.    A haemotologist tested the blood samples of a person with anti A serum, anti B serum and anti D serum (serum with anti D antibodies) respectively, clumps are formed with all the antisera. The blood group of the sample is
          1) A+ve                           2) B+ve                               3) AB+ve                                    4) O+ve
36.    Read the following statements
          I) Besides bone marrow the production of RBC occurs in spleen and Liver as well.
          II) Circulating blood contains large number of erythroblasts but not erythryocytes .
          III) If the mother Rh+ve and the foetus is Rh-ve IgG antibodies are administered
          IV) Neonatal babies show symptoms like Jaundice and Haemolytic anemia
          Which of the above are related to HDNB
          1) All                             2) All except III               3) I and II only                4) All except I
37.    The skin colour of a Mulatto, a person of black (AABBCC) and white (aabbcc) parentage is
          1) Same as the white parent                                 2) Same as the black parent
          3) Intermediate of the parent                               4) Controlled by a pair of genes
38.    Which of the following blood group does not appear in the progeny, if one of the parent is with AB group
          1) A                               2) B                                   3) AB                               4) O
39.    Match the following
          Blood transfusion                                                 Sevierity of agglutination
          A) A  AB                                                            1) No agglutenition
          B) O  O                                                               2) Light agglutenition
          C) O  AB                                                            3)  Heavy agglutenition
          D) AB  O                                                           
                                     A               B               C                     D                             A              B               C   D
       1)          2              1                2               3                     2)          2                1               3               2
       3)                   1                2               2                     3            4)               1               2               3    2
40. The pattern of inheritance of white eye colour in fruit fly is similar to that of
          1) Hypertrichosis                                                  2) Bleeder’s diseases in humans
          3) In continenutia pigmenti                                 4) Wild bristles in Drosophila
41.    Assertion (A) : Human females have two x-gene products where as males have only one
          Reason ( R ) : Human females are homozygous for x –linked genes
1) A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
2) A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
          3) A is true, R is false.                                          4)  A is false, R is true.
42.    A man with hemophilia has normal brother and haemophilic sister. Their parents are
          1) Haemophilic father and carrier mother         2) Haemophilic father and normal mother
          3) Haemophilic mother  and haemophilic father     4) Haemophilic mother  normal  father 
43.    One of the following trait is never seen in human females
          1) Pattern baldness     2) Colour blindness        3) Hypertrichosis           4) Hyperkeratosis
44.    Read the following
          a) Bbxx                         b) Bbxy                            c) BBxx                           d) bb xy
          e) BBxy                        f) bbxx
          It ‘B’ is for baldness and ‘b’ is for normal hair which of the above genotypes are for normal hair
          1) b, c and e                 2) c, d and e                     3) a, c and f                     4) a, d and f
45.    Study the following and choose the correct combination
          Method of sexdetermination                             Example              Sex of the off spring depends on
          A) zo – zz type                                                      Moths                              Fertilizing ovum
          B) xx – xo type                                                      Grasshoppers                Fertilizing ovum
          C) xx – xy type                                                      Birds                                Fertilizing sperm
          D) zw – zz type                                                      Most manmals              Fertilizing sperm
          1) A                               2) B                                   3) C                                  4) D
46.      Following are the statements related to haplodiploidy  in honeybees.
           I)  Sex of the offspring is determined by the number of sets chromosomes
           II) No chromosomal basis for the fertility in females
           III) Drones are haploid and fertile
           IV) Drones have no father and no sons but do have grand father and grandsons
           In the above the correct are
           1)  All except I           2)  All except II            3)  All except Iii                4)  All are correct
47.      Drum stick barr body is associated with
           1)  Fibroblasts of women                                2)  Neutrophils of women
           3)  Fibroblasts of men                                     4)  Neutrophils of men
48.      Sex chromosome component and haploid sets of autosomes of a Drosophila are XXXY and AA respectively.  It is (sexual phenotype)
           1)  Inter sex                2)  Meta male               3)  Meta female                 4)  Female
49.      The above pedigree represent which trait ?
           1)  Autosomal dominant                                 2)  Autosomal recessive
           3)  X-linked dominant                                     4)  X-linked recessive
50.      Read the following.
           I)  They are present in both males and females
           II)  They can be expressed in both males and females(under normal conditions)
           III) They can be inherited to both males and females
           Which of the above are true from sex limited genes
           1)  I and II only          2)  II and III only          3)  I and III only                 4)  I, II and III
51.      Which of the following genetic disorder is result of “Philadelphia translocation” in human genome.
           1)  Chronic myelogenous Leukemia             2)  Phenyl Ketonuria
           3)  Thalassemia                                                4)  Bleeder’s disease
52.      “Ishihara” colour test is most often used to diagnose
           1)  Tritanopia             2)  Deuternopia           3)  Protanopia                    4)  Anaemia
53.      In sickle cell anaemia, the point mutation in the  globin polypeptide chain of haemoglobin cause the replacement of
           1)  Valine by glutamic acid                            2)  Glutamic acid by valine
           3)  Phenyl alanine by Tyrosine                      4)  Tyrosine by phenyl alanine
54.      Match the following.
           List-I                                                                  List-II
           A)  Down syndrome 1)  Trisomy 18
           B)  Turner’s syndrome                                  2)  Trisomy 13
           C)  Patau syndrome 3)  Monosomy 23
           D)  Edward’s syndrome                                 4)  Trisomy 21
                A             B             C              D                         A               B                 C                D
           1)  4             3              1              2                    2)  3               4                 1                2
           3)  4             3              2              1                    4)  3               4                 2                1
55.      Read the following.
           I)  Karyotype is 47, XXY              II)  Gynacomastia             III) Exhibit barr bodies
           The above are related
           1)  Kline felter female    2) Turner female   3) Kline felter male           4) Turner male
56.      The basis of DNA finger printing is
           1)  Number of DNA particles                         2) The variation in the repeats of tandem arrays
           3)  Number of chromosomes                          4) Only identical parts of DNA among individuals
57.      Assertion (A) : Restricted fragment length polymers are genetic markers.
           Reason    (R) : VNTRs of two persons generally show variations.
          1)  A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
          2)  A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
          3)  A is true, R is false.                                           4)  A is false, R is true.
58.      Choose the correct from the following.
           1)  123 genes – Y chromosome                      2)  Dystrophin – largest gene
          3)  2,968 genes – 21st chromosome              4)  Short gun sequence – DNA collection
59.    During the course of breeding experiments, horn formation in Dorset Horn sheep, it is observed that the heterozygous genotype exhibit one phenotype in the male and contrasting one in the female. This is an example of 
          1) Sex – linked in heritance                                   2) X- linked – dominant inheritance
          3) X – Y linked inheritance                                   4) Sex – influenced inheritance
60.    Three genes A, B, C control skin colour in humans and from a trihybrid individual, how many types of gametes are expected?
          1) Eight types                   2) Six types                    3) Four types                4) Three types          
61.    Study the following statements
          A. Chronic myeloid leukemia people shows reciprocal translocation of a piece of 9th chromosome with piece of 22nd chromosome
          B. Y- chromosome of man has least number of genes
          C. Pedigree analysis is not possible with DNA finger printing
          D. Down’s syndrome is with monosomy of 21st set of chromosome
          Correct combination in the above is
          1) A – C –D                 2) B – D                       3) A – B                       4) C – D
62.    Follow the pedigree chart
          The above inheritance indicates
          1) Sex linked dominant trait                                  2) Autosomal dominant trait
          3) Sex linked recessive trait                                  4) Autosomal recissive trait
63.    The phenomenon of multiple effect of single gene is called
          1) Multiple allelism                                                 2) Polygenic inheritance
          3) Codominance                                              4) Pleiotropy
64.    When a heterozygous wild male Drosophila in test crossed with its female parent, then in their progeny
          1) 25% of male progeny show bobbed bristles   2) 50% of progeny show bobbed bristles
          3) 50% of male progeny show bobbed bristles   4) 50% of female progeny show bobbed bristles
65.    Genetic defect in which salt and water movement across epithelial cell membranes is effected is
          1) thallessmia             2) sickle cell anaemea    3) cystic fibrosis  4) alcaptoneurea
66.    Largest known gene of humans is located on the chromosome
          1) 1st                             2) y – chromosome    3) x- chromosome     4) 2nd
67.    According to Fisher – Race system, Rh factor involves
          1) Eight alleles at a single locus on homologous chromosome pair-I   
          2) Two pairs of alleles on non-homologous chromosome pair-9
          3) Eight alleles at three loci on homologous chromosome pair-9
          4) Three pairs of alleles on homologous chromosome pair-1
68.    A man, who is a son of bald mother and non bald father, married a non bald homozygous woman.  If they have two sons, what is the probability of them being bald ?
          1) 50%                         2) 75%                         3) 25%                         4) 100%
69.    Which of the following is true regarding Barr bodies ?
          1) Human being affected by Klinefelter syndrome is without Barr bodies      
          2) Barr and Bertram observed chromatin bodies in the interphase muscle cells of female cats      
          3) The Barr body in acidophils of woman is present as drumstick body
          4) Normal male human beings are without Barr bodies.

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