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Biomolecules - MCQ'S

1.        Match the following
           List – I                            List – II
           A) Peptide bond            I) 1st carbon of pentose with N2 base in nucleoside
           B) Glycosidic bond        II) COOH of one amino acid with NH2 of next amino acid in polypeptide
           C) Phospho-ester bond III) Between A and T, G and C of ds D.N.A
           D) Hydrogen bonds       IV) Between carbon and carbon of sugars in polysaccharides
                                                  V) Between phosphate group and OH of 5th carbon (or) 3rd carbon of
                                                 sugar in nucleotides
           The correct match is
                     A              B               C               D                                  A               B              C              D
           1)      II              IV             V               I                      2)           II               IV             V              III
           3)      II              III             IV             V                     4)           II               I                IV             III
2.        The anabolic pathways of the following are
           A) Conversion of glucose to lactic acid            B) Conversion of acetic acid to cholesterol
           C) Conversion of glucose to CO2 and H2O     D) Formation of sucrose from CO2 and H2O
           1) A, B                         2) C, D                           3) A, C                                 4) B, D
3.        The living state is a non-equilibrium steady state to be able to perform work and it is achieved by
           1) Interlinked pathways                                      2) Input of energy
           3) Inter conversion of metabolites                      4) None
4.        Elemental analysis of a leaf tissue reveals the presence of                            
           1) Simple acid – soluble organic molecules       
           2) Inorganic compounds like sulphates, phosphates etc.                        
           3) Elements like C, H, O, Cl etc.                        4) Only elements essential to plants             
5.        Study the following lists with reference to amino acids.
            List – I                                                            List – II
           A. Hydroxymethyl group                               I. Valine
           B. Acidic                                                          II. Cytidylic acid
           C. Neutral                                                        III. Tyrosine
           D. Aromatic                                                     IV. Serine
                                                                                    V. Glutamic acid      
           Correct match is.
                   A      B      C         D                                           A      B      C     D                      
           1)    IV     V       I        III                                   2)    IV      V       I       II                                                       3)    IV     V       II       I        4)    IV       I       II      III                                          
6.        Assertion (A): and COOH groups of amino acids are ionizable.
           Reason (R): In solutions of different s, the structure of amino acids changes.                       
           1) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A                                                                     2) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A                                                                    3) A is true but R is false   4) A is false but R is true                                   
7.        A triglyceride consists of                                                         
           1) Three glycerols esterified to each other         2) Three fatty acids esterified to a glycerol molecule
          3) Three glycerols esterified to one fatty acid molecule   4) Three fatty acids esterified to each other
8.        No. of carbon atoms in palmitic acid is                                                           
           1) 20                              2) 19                              3) 18                              4) 16                       
9.        A mineral element found in Lecithin is                                               
           1) Mg                            2) Ca                             3) P                               4) N
10.      Study the following lists.
            List – I                                                List – II
           A. Morphine                                        I) Toxin         
           B. GLUT – 4                                       II) Drug
           C. Curcumin                                       III) Alkaloid
           D. Ricin                                                            IV) Sensory receptor
                                                                        V) Glucose transport (protein)
           Correct match is
                  A       B       C       D                                           A      B      C     D                      
           1)    III      V       II      IV                                  2)     III     V      II       I                                                        3)    III       I        II      III    4)      II     III     I      IV                                            
11.      Assertion (A): Lipids are actually micromolecules but get separated along with the acid insoluble fraction.
          Reason (R):During grinding of a tissue, lipid molecules present in cell membranes are broken into fragments and form vesicles and go into the retentate.
          1) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A                                                                     2) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A                                                                    3) A is true but R is false   4) A is false but R is true                                   
12.      Which of the following is true for proteins?                                                                                     
           1) A component of the retentate                        2) Homopolymers                                                                 3) Branched chains of amino acids                          4) Each protein contains 21 types of amino acids
13.      Choose the mismatch                                                                           
           1) Insulin – Polymer of amino acids                   2) Inulin – Polymer of galactose                                           3) Chitin – Heteropolymer                                       4) Cellulose – Doesn`t hold
14.       Assertion (A): Starch is a blue coloured polysaccharide.
            Reason (R): It contains in its helices.                                                        
           1) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A                                                                     2) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A                                                                    3) A is true but R is false   4) Both A and R are false                                 
15.      Each subunit of human haemoglobin molecule shows. 
           1) Quaternary structure                                       2) Secondary structure                                                          3) Tertiary structure                                                 4) Primary structure     
16.     Which of the following statements are true ?
I)Majority of metabolic reactions occurs in isolation but are not always linked to some other reactions
II)Living state is non-equilibrium steady state
III)Biomolecules of a cell have a turnover
IV) Backbone of DNA is formed by the alternate linkages between sugar and nitrogen bases
 1)I II III & IV                 2)II & III                          3)II & IV                            4)I II & IV
17.     Find the number of hydrogen bonds and phosphodiester bonds present between the nucleotides,  which are present in the DNA having 119A0 units length and 18 Thymine bases in it
1)70,70                              2)70,69                              3)87,68                               4)87,70
18.    Aromatic amino acids are
          A. Glycine                   B. Tyrosine                 C. Tryptophan           D. Pheneramine
          1) A & B only             2) C & D only             3) B & C only             4) B, C & D
19.    Trihydroxy propane is
          1) Palmitic acid          2) Arachidonic acid   3) Glycerol                 4) Glycine
20.    Choose the incorrect match
          1) Drug – Concanavalin-A                             2) Polymer – Gum
          3) Uredine – Nucleoside                                 4) Receptor – Protein

21.    It enables glucose transport into cells
          1) Collagen                  2) Vinblastin               3) GLUT-4                  4) Concanavalin -A
22.    Choose the correct combinations
          A. Collagen – intracellular ground substance - protein
          B. Rubber – Polymeric substance – Secondary metabolite
          C. Cellulose – Complex helical structure – Polysaccharide
          D. Haemoglobin – Quatenary structure - Protein
          1) A & B only             2) B & D only             3) A & C only             4) A, B, C & D
23.  Which statements of the following are wrong .
           i) No uncatalysed metabolic conversions in living system.
          ii) Living state is a non – equilibrium steady state to be able to perform work.
          iii) Peptide bond formation and glycoside bond formations are dehydration reactions.
          iv) Ester bonds present between nucleotide pairs of opposite strands of DNA
         1) only iii                        2) i,iii&iv                     3) only iv                     4) only ii
24.  A DNA molecule is having 15% cytidylic acid molecules. In that number of hydrogen bonds in between polynucleotide strands are 460. Estimate the length of  that  DNA.
          1) 340                      2) 680                     3) 510                     4) Data is not sufficient
25.  Choose correct concept
       1. In a metabolic path way in which glucose is converted into lactic acid Occurs in eight metabolic steps.
       2. In a DNA molecule two strands of poly nucleotides are parallel and complementary to each other
       3. The back bone of DNA is formed by sugar – phosphate – Nucleotide chain.
       4. In a cell living process is a constant effort to prevent falling in to equailibrium.
26.  Bio-energetics deals about
       1. The total sunlight energy trapping mechanism in organism in nature in  detail
       2. The energy conversations which are occurring out side of the earth planet.
       3. Energy transfer from non-living things to living things
       4. How living organisms derive their energy, on what way they store, how do they convent energy in to work.
27.  Concanavalin A belongs to one of the following metabolites
             1) Alkaloids                            2) Terpenoides            3) Lectins        4) Essential oils
28.  Match the following correctly.
             List – I                                   List – II
             A) Peptide bond                                I) Phosphate group and sugar
       B) Glycosidic bond                     II) COOH group of one amino acid and amino group of next 
                                                               amino acid
       C) Ester bond                             III) Two adjacent monosaccharides of a Poly saccharide
             D) Hydrogen bond               IV) A purine and a pyrimidine of a complimentary base pair                             A          B     C       D                                A         B         C         D
             1)                 I   III         II      IV                         2)   II         III        IV        I
             3)       II            III         I       IV                          4)   IV       III        II         III
29.    Observe the following structure
          If ‘R’ group of the above amino acid is replaced by ‘H’, it results
          1) Alanine                    2) Glycine                        3) Tyrosine                   4) Phenylalanine

30.    Find the incorrect statement from the following
          1) Amino acids are substituted methanes
          2) Chemical and physical properties of aminoacids essentially depends on their amino, carboxyle and the R- functional groups
          3) When a tissue is analysed for its chemical composition, sulphates and phosphates are observed only in the acid soluble fraction                               
          4) Relative abundance of carbon and hydrogen with respect to other elements is higher in any living organism than in earth’s crust
31.    Study the following ionizable states of amino acids
          Find the zwitter ionic form from the above states
          1) X                               2) Y                                  3) Z                                       4) X,Y,Z
32.    Identify the molecule which is not a heteropolymer
         1) Nucleic acid               2) Protein                          3) Chitin                            4) Cellulose
33.    Protein that acts as a hormone is
         1) Insulin                        2) GLUT – 4                     3) Trypsin                          4) RUBISCO
34.    Structure of protein suitable for performing biological activities are
         1) Quaternary structure  2) Tertiary structure          3) Secondary structure      4) Primary structure
35.    Choose the correct feature about biomacromolecules
         1) Molecular weight is less than one thousand Daltons
         2) Found in acid insoluble fraction
         3) Includes lipids which are polymers                      4) Found in plant ashes
36.    Choose the correct match in relation to the substances and their functions
         1) Antibody – Fights infectious agents                    2) Collagen – Ground substance in plant cells
         3) Insulin – Enzyme related to glucose metabolism 4) GLUT – 4 – Enables cells to synthesize glucose
37.    Assertion (A) : Starch – I2 is blue as starch can hold I2 molecules but cellulose cannot hold I2
         Reason (R) : Starch is a homopolymer whereas cellulose is a heteropolymer
         1) Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A.
         2) Both A and R are correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.
         3) A is True but R is False.                                       4) R is True but A is False.
38.    Correct statement about complex polysaccharide chitin is
         I) It is present in animal cell walls                        
         II) It is present in exoskeleton of arthropoda
         III) It is a heteropolymer
         IV) Amino sugars and other modified sugars are its building blocks
         1) I, II, III, IV                2) All except I                   3) II, III only                    4) I, IV only
39.    Monomers in proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides are made of these structural units respectively
         1) Peptides, nucleotides, monosaccharides              2) Amino acids, sugars, nucleotides
         3) Amino acids, nucleotides, monosaccharides        4) Amino acids, nucleosides, starch
40.    Choose the correct set of components found in a nucleotide
         1) Homocyclic compound, penta saccharide, phosphate
         2) Heterocyclic compound, pentose sugars, phosphoric acid
         3) Homocyclic compound, monosaccharide, phosphoric acid

         4) Nitrogen bases, polysaccharide, phosphate

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