Thursday, April 10, 2014

AIPMT 2014: Tips and Tricks to score high

  • Cover all topics given in syllabus, avoid skipping any topic
  • Prepare beginning from Class 11 syllabus before moving on to Class 12. Make sure you are clear on the basic concepts.
  • Don't hesitate to clear confusions from Class 11 even though you are in Class 12
  • Begin your preparation as soon as possible
  • First understand concepts from NCERT books before moving on to others.
  • When selecting extra books to study from, aim to focus more on question banks/ sample papers/ previous papers and buy text books for topics you have doubts in or are weak in
  • Make sure when you buy question banks/ sample papers/ previous year papers that answers are given. This way you can identify and improve on the sections you went wrong in.
  • Create a quick revision sheet for each subject. Add points that are important and that you are likely to forget.
  • Follow subject-wise study patterns instead of applying the same studying technique to all subjects for example use flow charts for Biology Processes, a formulae list for Physics numericals and mnemonics for Biology and Chemistry
  • Create a fresh study schedule every month based on your success or difficulty with the current study schedule.
  • Try to study at least 2 subjects per day and increase to 3 subjects to get into the habit of thinking about all 3 subjects that will appear in the exam
  • Study diagrams, even though you won't be asked to draw any diagram based questions may come.
  • As AIPMT questions are not necessarily repeated it important to revise all topics carefully
  • Give extra attention to Biology 90 questions are based on it. Study Botany and Zoology equally.
  • Practice Sample papers and previous year papers within the time limit you will be given at the exam.
  • Revise at least twice

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