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1.     Study the following table
A. Porphyra
Complex post fertilization developments
B. Ulothrix
Storage bodies are pyrenoids
C. Laminaria
Pyriform  gametes, laterally attached flagella
D. Polysiphonia
Red algae
Non motile spores, motile gametes
         Identify correct combination
         1) A, B, C, D               2) A, C, D only             3) B, C, D only                      4) A, B, C only
2.      Match the following
         Alga                             Cell wall material                                                          Pigments
         A. Ectocarpus            J. Cellulose, pectin                                                        O. Phycocyanin
         B. Porphyra               K. Cellulose, algin                                                        P. Chlorophyll-b
         C. Chara                     L. Cell wall surrounded
                                                 by gelatinous sheath                                                 Q. Phycoerythrin
         D. Nostoc                    M. Cellulose, pectin, polysulphate esters                    R. Fucoxanthin
         1) AKQ, BMO, CJP, DLR                                2) AKR, BMQ, CJP, DLO
         3) AKR, BMP, CJQ, DLO                                4) AKR, BMQ, CJO, DLP
3.       Haplodiplontic life cycle is found in
          A) Volvox                         B) Ectocarpus                  C) Fucus
          D) Funaria                       E) Marchantia                 F) Equisetum
          1) B, C, D                         2) B, D, E                         3) B, D, F                         4) A, C, F
4.       Oogamy occurs in
          1) Algae & Bryophytes                                             2) Bryophytes & Pteridophytes
          3) Gymnosperms & Angiosperms                             4) All the above
5.       Plants group which shows both homospory and heterospory are
          1) Gymnosperms              2) Angiosperms                3) Bryophytes                   4) Pteridophytes
6.       Following are spermatophytes but not archegoniates
          1) Gymnosperms              2) Angiosperms                3) Bryophytes                 4) Pteridophytes
7.       In which plants of the plant kingdom, sporophyte is physically and physiologically (nutritionally) dependent on gametophyte
          1) Gymnosperms              2) Pteridophytes               3) Bryophytes                   4) Angiosperms
8.       Identify the correct match
          1) Lycopsida – Psilotum                                            2) Club moss - Bryophyte
          3) Mycorrhizal roots –  Cycas                                   4) Protonema and gametophore –  Mosses
9.       Match the following with regards to life cycle.
          List-I                                                                         List-II
          A) Haplontic                                                             I) Fucus
          B) Haplo - diplontic                                                 II) Laminaria
          C) Diplo - haplontic                                                 III) Chlamydomonas
          D) Diplo - biontic                                                     IV) Polysiphonia
                                                                                             V) Adiantum
          The correct match is
                A              B                C                D                        A         B                 C                D
          1)  III              V                IV              II                   2)  III          II                V            IV
          3)  III              IV              V                I                    4)  III           V                II            IV
10.     Assertion(A) : All heterosporous plants produce seeds
          Reason (R) : All seed producing plants are heterosporous
          1)  A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
          2)  A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
          3)  A is false, R is true.                        4) A is true, R is false.       
11.     In some heterosporous pteridophytes, megaspores are retained within the megasporangia.  Development of female gametophyte, fertilization, development of embryo etc. occur within the gametophyte while it is still present on the parent sporophyte.  This is the precursor to the          
          1) Origin of heterospory                                           2) Strobilus formation      
          3) Origin of seed habit                                              4) Origin of independent sporophyte
12.     Which of the following is applicable to earliest spermatophytes ?
          I, Naked seeded plants             II. Double fertilization               III. Triploid endosperm  
          IV. Tracheophytes                  V. Embryophytes
          1) II,III and IV              2) I,IV and V                    3) III, IV and V               4) I,III and IV
13.     Pteridophytes show affinities with bryophytes in
          A. Dependence on water for fertilization
          B. Presence of regular alternation of generations
          C. Differentiation of plant body into true root, stem and leaves
          D. Small, conspicuous and dependent gametophytes
          1) C and B only             2) A and D only                3) A and B only                4) C and D only
14.     Assertion(A) :  Vegetative  parts of Funaria are analogous to true roots, stems and leaves of  tracheophytes, but are not structurally similar to them
          Reason(R) : In Funaria, the vegetative parts are gametophytic and lack vascular tissues
          1) Both A and R are correct. R is not the correct explanation of A
          2) Both A and R are correct. R is correct explanation of A
          3) A is true but R is false                     4) R is true but A is false
15.     Bryophytes resemble algae in the following characters
          1) Filamentous body, presence of vascular tissues and autotrophic nutrition
          2) Differentiation of plant body into true root, stem and leaves and autotrophic nutrition
          3) Thallus like plant body, presence of roots and autotrophic nutrition
          4) Thallus like plant body, lack of vascular tissues and autotrophic nutrition
16.     Study the following table
          Plant group                   Nature of gametophyte                   Nature of sporophyte
          A) Angiosperms           Monoecious                                     Heterosporous
          B) Pteridophytes          Atracheophyte                                Tracheophyte
          C) Bryophytes              Independent                                    Dependent
          D) Gymnosperms         Parasitic                                           Autotrophic
          Correct matches are
          1) A and B only                2) A only                          3) A, B and D only          4) B, C and D only
17. Analyse the following lists related to Algae plants
       List – I                                                                                        List – II
       I)Oogamous type of sexual reproduction                                 A) Gelidium & Gracilaria
       II) Agar                                                                                       B) Laminaria
       III) Iodine                                                                                   C)Polysiphonia          
       IV) Carpogonium & Spermatangaium                                    D) Ectocarpus
                                                                                                            E) Volvox & Fucus   
       1) I - B, II - C, III - E, IV - D                             2) I - A, II - C, III - D, IV – E
       3) I - E, II - D, III - B, IV - C                             4) I - E, II - A, III - B, IV – C
18. Special reproductive structures called gemmae are found in the members of                                   
           1) Algae                       2) Gymnosperms           3) Pteridophytes           4) Bryophytes                     
19. Zygote acts as meiocyte in
           1) Chlamydomonos       2) Volvox                 3) Spirogyra                  4) All the above                  
20.Amoss used as packing material for trans-shipment of living material is                                        
           1) Funaria             2) Sphagnum                 3) Polytrichum              4) Marchantia                     

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