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1.      “ The Darwin of 20th century “  is
          1) Ernst Mayr                                                  2) Charles Darwin   
          3) Gregor Mendel                                           4) Jean Fernal
2.      Identify the unique features of living organisms
          I. Self replication                                            II.   Reproduction    
          III. Self regulating interaction                       IV.  Growth
          1) I, II, III, IV                2) I & II only 3) III & IV only         4) I, &  III only
3.      Match Column – I with Column – II and select the correct option from the given below
              Column – I                                                       Column – II
         A. Protonema of Funaria                              i) Binary fission
         B. Fungi                                                             ii) Spores
         C. Yeast                                                            iii) Budding
         D. Bacteria                                                       iv) Cyst
                                                                                    v) Fragmentation
         1) A – i ,B – ii , C – iii , D – iv                        2) A – v ,B – ii , C – iii , D – i
         3) A – ii ,B – v , C – i , D – iv                         4) A – iv ,B – ii , i , C – iii , D – v
4.      Reproduction is synonymous with growth in
          i. Amoeba                     ii.Spirulina                iii. Spirogyra             iv. Gonyaulax
          1) i & iii only               2)  i,ii & iv only        3) i, ii, iii &iv            4) i only
5.      Find the correct pairs
          I. National Botanical Garden – Kew, England
          II. Indian  Botanical Garden          - Howrah
          III. Royal Botanical Garden  - Lucknow
          1. I, II & III,                  2)  II only                   3) II  & III only          4) I only
6.      Botanical gardens and zoological parks have
          1) Collection of endemic living species only  2) Collection of exotic living species only
          3) Collection of endemic and exotic living species 4) Collection of only local plants and animals
7.      Taxonomic key is one of the taxonomic tools in the identification and classification of plants It is used in the preparation of
          1 Monographs             2) Flora                      3) Both 1 & 2            4) None of these

8.      The emergent properties of tissues are due to the
          1) Interaction of constituent cells                2) Properties of constituent cells
          3) Properties of constituent organs              4) Interaction of constituent cells
9.      Which of the following provide index to the plant species found in a particular area ?
          1) Manual                    2) Monograph                       3) Catalogue              4) Flora
10.    In unicellular organisms asexual reproduction occurs  by
          I. Budding                    II. Fragmentation                  III. Fission
          1) I Only                       2) II Only                               3) I,II & II                   4) I & III
11.    Phylogeny refers to
          1) Development history of an organism     2) Evolutionary history of an organism
          3) Influence of light on flowering                4) Change in dry weight
12.    Find the true statements.
I. Budding is a method of asexual reproduction
II.  Study of life forms and living  processes  is  called  Biology
III  Living organisms share similarities horizontally and vertically
IV. All organism are related to each other
1) I, II & III only          2) II & III only           3) I, II, III, IV  4) III & IV only
13.    The term used for “outside organisms” and in artificial conditions
          1) In Vivo                     2) In Vitro                  3) De Novo                4) Ex-Situ
14.    Family Convolvulaceae doesnot belong to
          1) Order polemoniales                                    2) Class dicotyledonae
          3) Division Spermatophyta                            4) Cohort bicarpellate
15.   Select correct statements in relation to taxanomical aids
          I)Identification of organisms require intensive laboratory and field studies
          II)Plant and animal specimens are preserved only in the containers or jars in preservative solutions.
          III)Key is used for identification of organisms based on the similarities only
          IV)Monographs contain information of any one taxon
          1) I, II, III & IV           2) II & III                     3) I & IV                       4) I only
16.     ICBN means
          1)International Code for Binomial Nomenclature  2) International Congress of Binomial Nomenclature
          3) Indian Congress for Botanical Nomenclature     4) International Code for Botanical Nomenclature
17.     Assertion(A): All living organisms are able to reproduce
          Reason(R ): Reproduction is a feature of living organisms
          1)Both A & R are true R is the correct explanation of A
          2) Both A & R are true R is not the correct explanation of A  
          3)A is true but R is false                                     4) A is false but R is true 
18.     Identify the correct statement
          1)Non-living organisms do not show growth        2)In animals the lost cells are not replaced
          3) Humans are only living organisms with self consciousness
          4) The genetic materials in all living organisms is always enclosed in nuclear membranes
19.     Choose the correct combinations in relation to organisms with their taxonomic categories
Common name                Family                              Order
I)Man                               Muscidae                          Primata
II)Housefly                       Hominidae                        Diptera
III)Mango                        Anacardiaceae                 Sapindales
IV)Wheat                         Poaceae                            Poales
1)I II III & IV                                2)III & IV                                      3)I & III                                           4)II & IV
20. One of the following is a correct hierarchial system in classification.
             1) Genus Species Order Family Division Kingdom Class
             2) Species Genus Family Order Class Phylum Kingdom
             3) Species Phylum Genus Family Class Order Kingdom
             4) Species Order Family Class Phylum Kingdom Genus

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