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1.      Match the following
         List-I                                                                   List-II
         A- Carl Woese                                                   I  Five kingdom classification
         B- Aristotle                                                         II Two kingdom system
         C- Linnaeus                                                        III Six kingdoms
         D- R.H. Whittaker                                             IV A more  scientific basis for classification
         Correct match is
         1) A-III,  B-II,  C-IV,  D-I                                   2) A-III,  B-IV, C-I,  D-II
         3) A-III,  B-IV,  C-II,  D-I                                   4) A-IV,  B-II,  C-I,  D-III
2.      The most primitive organisms showing oxygenic  photosynthesis are
         1) Green algae                                                     2) Chrysophytes                     
         3) Green and purple sulphur bacteria                  4) Cyanobacteria
3.      To which kingdom eukaryotic organisms with cellulose cell wall, tissues, and autrotrophic mode of  nutrition belong
         1) Monera, protista, plantae  2) Protista, Plantae       3) Plantae                           4) Animalia
4.      Smut and rust fungi are respectively
         1)  Puccinia , Ustilago 2) Ustilago, Puccinia      
         3) Polyporus, Lycoperdon                                   4) Alternaria, Trichoderma
5.      Assertion (A): Blue green algae are not included in the kingdom plantae by Whittaker.                    
         Reason (R): They are prokaryotes.  
          1) Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A.
          2)  Both A and R are correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.
           3) A is true but R is False.                                  4) R is true but A is False
6.      Match the following
         List-I                                                                    List –II
         A- Red tides in medeterranian sea                        I. Trypanosoma
         B- Red colour of red sea                                      II. Euglena
         C- Sleeping sickness                                             III. Trichodesmium erythrium
         D. Palmella stage                                                  IV. Gonyaulax
                                                                                     V. Entamoeba
         Correct match is
         1) A-IV,  B-III,  C-V,  D-II                                  2) A-IV,  B-III, C-I,  D-II
         3) A-IV,  B-III,  C-II,  D-I                                   4) A-IV,  B-III,  C-I,  D-V
7.      Pleomorphic monerans are
         1) Archeabacteria          2) Slimemolds                 3) Mycoplasmas                      4) Actinomycetes
8.      Which of the following, form radiating colonies in culture
         1) Actinomycetes          2) Mycoplasmas             3) Slime molds                         4) Eubacteria
9.      A colonial aggregate of immobile non flagellated  individual  cells occurring in the life cycle of some flagellated green algae or plantlike flagellates is called
         1) Palmella stage           2) Plasmodium                3) Plankton                              4) Blooms
10.    What are  the main criteria used by Whittaker for the classification of organisms into five kingdoms
         I. Reproduction and phylogenetic  relationships       II. Mode of nutrition
         III. Cell structure                                                          IV. Thallus organisation 
         Correct answer is       
         1) II, III, IV only           2) I, II, only                    3) III, IV only                          4) I, II, III, IV
11.    What is centroplasm
         1) Protoplast of mycoplasmas                              2) Nucleoid of eubacteria
         3)  Multinucleated mass of protoplasm of slime molds
         4) Central colour less cytoplasm with chromatin material in cyanobacteria
12.    Choose correct matching in the following regarding spores of fungi
         I. Endogenous asexual spores – sporangiospore
         II. Exogenous sexual spores – Basidiospores
         III. Endogenous sexual spores  - Ascospores
         IV. Exogenous asexual spores – conidia
         Correct answers is
         1)  I, II, III, IV               2) I, II only                     3) II, IV, only                          4) I, III, IV only
13.    Incorrect statements among the following
         1. In diatoms cell walls form two thin overlapping shells called epitheca over hypotheca
         2. In dinoflagellates  cell wall has stiff cellulose plates on the outer surface
         3. In euglenoids instead of a cell wall, a protein rich layer called pellicle is present
         4. In mycoplasmas cell wall is absent, but marine  forms have silica shells on  their surface
14.    Mesokaryon is
         1) A dikaryon                2) Centroplasm of bluegreen algae
         3) Intermediate stage between a dikaryon and  synkaryon
         4) The nucleus of dinoflagellates which has condensed chromosomes even in interphase  and donot  have histones.
15.    Specialised cells of cyanobactria  that can fix atmospheric nitrogen are called
         1) Hormogonia              2) Akinites                      3) Heterocysts                          4) Cystocarp
16.    Match the following
         Fungus                                                                 Diseases
         A. Puccinia                                                          I. Early blight
         B. Albugo                                                            II. Red rot
         C. Colletotrichum                                               III. White spots on mustard leaf
         D. Alternaria                                                       IV. Wheat rust
         1) A-IV,  B-III,  C-II,  D-I                                   2) A-IV,  B-III, C-I,  D-II
         3) A-IV,  B-I,  C-III,  D- II                                  4) A-III,  B-IV,  C-II,  D-I
17.    Incorrect about fruit bodies of sac fungi
         1) Flask shaped with an apical opening – perithecium        2) Globose without opening - cleistothecium
         3) Umbrella shaped with stalk called stipe – basidiocarp    4) Saucer shaped - apothecium
18.    Carl Woese and coworkers observed that six kingdoms naturally cluster into three main categories or domains, they are
         1) Progenote , prokaryotae, eukaryotae               2) Monera, protista , plantae   
         3) Protista, plantae, animalia                               4) Bacteria, archea, eukarya
19.    Assertion (A): Lichens are pollution indicators.
         Reason (R): Their profuse growth indicates polluted areas.
          1) Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A.
          2)  Both A and R are correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.
         3) A is true but R is False.                                    4) R is true but A is False
20.    The cell wall of actinomycetes  contains
         1) Teichoic acid            2) Polysulphate  esters 3) Chitin                                     4) Mycolic acid

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