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1 The SCP organism used by Germans during I and II world war was

Ans:Candida utilis
2 The amino acids abundantly present in Brevibacterium ketoglutamicum are
I. Glutamine
II. Glutamic acid
III. Lysine
IV. Methionine

Ans:III and IV
3 Arrange the following components of SCP Methylophilous methylotropous in a sequence of their gradual increase in the amount.
I. Lipids
III. b -carotene
IV. Carbohydrates

Ans:III, IV, I, II
4 [A]: The protein content of bacterial SCP is always more than that of Algal SCP
[R]: The protein content of Brevibacterium is upto 80%

Ans:A is false but R is true
5 B group vitamins are abundantly present in

6 [A]: Single cell proteins are more advantageous than conventional proteinaceous products
[R]: Protein content of SCP organism is more than that of Soybeans

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
7 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Spirulina was harvested from Lake Chad
8 For the production of the following SCP, high saline conditions have to be maintained

9 The common drawback of production of any SCP organism is

Ans:Risk of contamination
10 Match the following
List – I                     List – II
A)Filamentous prokaryote          I)Saccharomyces
B)Filamentous heterotrophic thallophyte II)Senedesmus
C)Unicellular heterotrophic thallophyte III)Chlorella
D)Unicellular photoautotrophs         IV) Spirulina

Ans:A-IV, B-V, C-I, D-III
11 Study the following table and choose the correct combination
SCP organism Plant Group Demerit
I) Scenedesmus Algae         Low cell density
II) Paecilomyces Bacterium High RNA content
III) Chaetomium Fungus         Slow growth rate
IV) Brevibacterium Bacterium Poor in Methionine

Ans:I, III
12 12. [A]: Organic substrates need not be used as raw materials for the production of SCP organism Spirulina.
[R]: Spirulina is oxygenic photoautotroph.

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
13 This is not used as SCP

14 Etymologically mycology is study of

15 Root rot of apple is caused by

Ans:Honey mushroom
16 Fox – Fire Phenomenon is

Ans:Bio-luminiscence shown by Armillariella
17 Cap of mushroom is called as

18 Mushrooms are rich in an amino acid which is precursor of

19 [A]: Fly Agaric belongs to the genus Agaricus
[R]: It is a toad stool

Ans:A is false but R is true
20 Mushrooms belong to the subdivision

21 The meaning of mushroom in Latin and Greek are respectively

Ans:Flourish, Sponge
22 Match the following with respect to Mushrooms
List – I    List – II
A)Annulus   I)Basidia bearing portion
B)Gills          II)Obliquely running short branches
C)Sub-hymenium  III)Appendage present around stipe
D)Hymenium  IV)Structures hanging from Pileus
   V)Structure with elongated central cells

Ans:A-III, B-IV, C-II, D-I
23 Study the following table and choose the correct combination
Mushroom             Common name       Significance
I)Amanita virosa   Destroying angel     Poisonous
II)Amanita phalloides   Honey Agaric         Toadstool 
III)Lentinus edodes   Shiitake mushroom    Edible
IV)Pleurotus sojar-caju   Temparate mushroom    Edible 

Ans:I and III
24 [A]: Mushrooms are good food for people with hypertension
[R]: Mushrooms show high Sodium to Potassium ratio

Ans:A is true but R is false
25 Mushrooms are rich in vitamins
I. which forms Co.A
II. which can also be produced by LAB
III. Vitamin C
IV. Vitamin A

Ans:All except IV
26 Rhizomorphs are

Ans:Underground entangled hyphae that give rise basidiocarp
27 The common ingredients of Paddy straw compost and Wheat straw compost are
I. Urea
II. Cotton seed
III. Chicken manure
IV. Gypsum

Ans:I and IV
28 During preparation of grain for spawn production, the boiled grains supplemented with Calcium carbonate must be autoclaved by maintaining the following conditions

Ans:121°C temp. 15 lb pressure, 90 min duration
29 The following is added to soaked straw while preparing the material for straw spawn production

30 One of the following edible mushrooms is not cultivated in India

Ans:Shiitake mushroom
31 The pH of the prepared compost must be between

Ans:7 – 7.5
32 Average yield of Mushrooms for every 100 kg of compost used is

Ans:10 – 15 kg
33 [A]: Mushrooms have higher shelf life
[R]: They can be stored fresh for week days at 5°C

Ans:A is false but R is true
34 During Mushroom Cultivation salt solution is used for

35 Match the following
List – I           List – II
A)Inocubation for Spawn production  I)8 days
B)Sterilisation of prepared compost     II)20 days
C)Spawning                        III)80 days
D)Interval between successive flushes IV)2 days
                           V)15 days

Ans:A-V, B-IV, C-II, D-I
36 Match the following
Temperature Maintained for
A)60C       I)Autoclaving
B)16C      II)Compost sterilization
C)25C     III)Storing of fresh mushrooms
D)5C      IV)Spawning
       V)Incubation after pinhead appearance of first flush

Ans:A-II, B-V, C-IV, D-III
37 Mushrooms are harvested at the following stage

Ans:Button stage
38 Pasteurised soil is used during the following stage of Mushroom cultivation

39 Arrange the following events in correct sequence during Mushroom production.
I. Harvesting Flushes
II. Usage of Spawn
III. Usage of Rice bran
IV. Maintainnace of 16°C temperature in production room

Ans:III, II, IV, I

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