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1 Sex organs of Bryophytes are
I. Stalked
II. Multicellular
III. Jacketed

Ans:I, II and III
2 [A]: Funaria is a Bryophyte
[R]: It has embryo

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
3 The following bryophyte exhibits symbiosis

4 Bryophytes are
I. First land plants
II. First Archegoniates
III. Primitive embryophytes
IV. First Oogamous plants

Ans:I, II, III
5 In Pteridophytes

Ans:Both gametophyte and sporophyte are independent
6 Pteridophytes are

Ans:First Tracheophytes
7 A sorus of Pteris with 100 sporangia is developed from 100 sporangial initials. Pteris is best described as

Ans:Leptosporangiate Pteridophyte
8 Fronds of Pteridophytes are

9 Gymnosperms do not have
I. Ovary
II. Perianth
III. Endosperm
IV. Pericarp

Ans:all except III
10 All gymnosperms lack

Ans:Companian cells
11 The following structures form cones in Gymnosperms
I. Foliage leaves
II. Scale leaves
III. Microsporophylls
IV. Megasporophylls

12 Embryo of Gymnosperms gets nourishment from

Ans:Female gametophyte
13 Match the following

Ans:A - III, B - I, C - II, D - V
14 Match the following

Ans:A - II, B - IV, C- III, D - I
15 [A]: Pond scum is named as Spirogyra
[R]: Its filaments are entangled with each other in free floating forms

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
16 Demorphic cells are seen in
I. Spirogyra jogensis
II. Spirogyra adnata
III. Spirogyra mirabilis
IV. Spirogyra affinis

17 If a free floating monoecious of Spirogyra has 40 cells and all of its cells are involved in sexual reproduction, how many meiotic and mitotic nuclei are degenerated during the formation of daughter filaments with each filament having 40 cells.

Ans:60, 20
18 [A]: Life cycle of Spirogyra is haplontic
[R]: It has no diploid stages in its life cycle

Ans:A is true but R is false
19 [A]: Spirogyra gratiana shows scalariform conjugation
[R]: It is dioecious

Ans:A is true but R is false
20 Male gamete of Spirogyra jogensis differs with female gamete in
I. Size
II. Shape
III. Function

Ans:I, II, III
21 In a free floating indirect lateral conjugating filament of Spirogyra, there are 50 cells. Upon successful completion of sexual reproduction, there is formation of free floating daughter filaments with each one having same number of cells as that of parental filament. During this course, the total number of nuclei formed and number of formed nuclei not involved as a part of the free filaments are respectively

Ans:1350, 100
22 Presence of mucilage ribs arranged parallel to long axis of the cell is a feature of

Ans:Female cell with Zygospore of Spirogyra jogensis
23 The sequence of events that take place during scalariform conjugation are
I. Secretion of mucilage
II. Formation of Papillae
III. Complete formation of gametes
IV. Opposite alignment of male and female filaments

Ans:IV, I, II, III
24 Rattan studied

Ans:Direct lateral conjugation in Spirogyra mirabilis
25 In isogamous species of Spirogyra, the zygospores are formed in

Ans:Conjugation canal
26 The enzyme cytase has no role in the sexual reproduction of
I. Spirogyra gratiana
II. Spirogyra mirabilis
III. Spirogyra jogensis
IV. Spirogyra affinis

Ans:II and III
27 Chain like appearance of Spirogyra filament is noticed during

Ans:Conjugation of Spirogyra affinis
28 Decay of parental cell wall is noticed during non-sexual reproduction in

Ans:Spirogyra aplanosporum
29 If a Spirogyra free floating filament with 20 cells is broken into pieces with each fragment consisting of 5 cells, how many mitotic divisions have to occur to form daughter filaments with each filament having same number of cells as that of parental filament

30 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and II
31 Filaments show apical basal differentiation in
I. Spirogyra gratiana
II. Spirogyra jogensis
III. S. adnata

Ans:II and III
32 In the vegetative cells of Spirogyra venkataramanii,
I. Nuclei and Chloroplasts exist in 1:1 ratio
II. No of Pyrenoids in a cell and chloroplasts in 1:1 ratio
III. Pyrenoids and Cytoplasmic strands exist in 1:1 ratio
IV. Cells and chloroplsts exist in I:1 ratio

Ans:II and III are incorrect
33 [A]: All Pond scums are pond silks
[R]: All pond silks are pond scums

Ans:A is true but R is false
34 Choose the correct statement

Ans:All species of Spirogyra are freshwater forms
35 [A]: Species of Spirogyra are cosmopolitan in distrubution
[R]: Speies of Spirogyra uniformly distributed in various climatic regions of the world

Ans:A is true but R is false
36 Primordial utricle of Spirogyra cell lacks

37 Enzymes secreted by Rhizoidal hyphae are

38 Study the following table with respect to Rhizoids and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and III
39 [A]: The hyphae of Rhizopus that spread on the surface of substratum are called as Stolons
[R]: The length of the stolon between two adjacent rhizoids emanating points is different from the other two adjacent rhizoids formation points of the same mycelium

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
40 If 54 cells of monoecious filament of Spirogyra are involved in sexual reproduction, the total number of haploid nuclei formed in all zygospores during their germination and number of daughter filaments formed are respectively

Ans:108, 27
41 Rhizopus belongs to class

42 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Some species of Rhizopus are facultative parasites
43 The stages of Rhizopus in correct sequence are

Ans:Bread mould, Pin mould, Black mould
44 The hyphae seen in vegetative stage of Rhizopus are
I. Sporangiophores
II. Stolons
III. Zygophores
IV. Rhizoids

Ans:II and IV
45 The features of Rhizopus hyphae are

Ans:Transparent, Tubular, Coenocytic
46 Rhizopus mycelium absorbs food materials from the substratum in the form of

47 Only during asexual stage Rhizopus can be referred as
I. Weed of the laboratory
II. Bread mould
III. Pin mould
IV. Black mould

Ans:III and IV
48 Sporangiospores of Rhizopus are

Ans:Round and black
49 The structure of Sporagium of Rhizopus that delimits the sporoplasm from columelloplasm is

Ans:Repositories of the cell
50 Columella of Rhizopus is

Ans:Dome shaped
51 These are relatively more persistent structures of asexual hyphae

52 The structures of Rhizopus that aid in the discharge of spores from the sporangium are
I. Columella
II. Sporangiophore
III. Stolons

Ans:I and II
53 Hypha of Rhizopus with chlamydospores can be described as

Ans:Multinucleate, Septate, Multicellular
54 Arrange the following events of Sporangiospore formation in correct sequence.
I. Dome shaped arrangement of vacuoles
II. Sporoplasm differentiation IV. Degeneration of nuclei of columella

Ans:II, I, III, IV
55 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Sporangiospores are usually 2-10 nucleated
56 Arrange the following events of sporangiospore formation in correct sequence.
I. Cleft formation
II. Cleavage of soporiferous zone
III. Columelloplasm demarcation
IV. Wall formation around polyhedral pieces

Ans:III, I, II, IV
57 Choose the incorrect statement with respect to sporangiospore formation in Rhizopus

Ans:Vacuoles of soporiferous zone gradually disappear
58 Rhizopus does not show
I. Isogamy
II. Anisogamy
III. Physiological anisogamy
IV. Oogamy

Ans:II and IV
59 A, B, C and D are the mycelia of a species of Rhizopus. Zygospore formation is seen when A is grown along with D. Zygospore formation is noticed when B is grown along with C. When C is with D no such zygospore formatin is not noticed. With respect to the above choose the correct statements
I. Zygospores can be formed when C is grown with A
II. Zygophore formation can be noticed when B is grown with D
III. Zygospores are not formed when B is grown with A
IV. A belong to one type strain and C and D belong to another type of strain

Ans:All except IV
60 Arrange the following events of sexual reproduction in Rhizopus stolonifer in correct sequence.
I. Formation of suspensor
II. Pairing of compatible nuclei
III. Formation of Zygophores
IV. Fusion of gametangia

Ans:III, I, IV, II
61 Choose the wrong statement

Ans:Suspensor and Gametangium have Protoplasmic contact
62 Simultaneous events that occur during sexual reproduction of Rhizopus stolonifer are

Ans:Spliting of zygospore exine, Meiosis in the zygospore
63 Identify the correct sequence of events that occur during germination of Rhizopus Zygospore.
I. formation of meiospores
II. Meiosis
III. Formation of Germ sporangium
IV. Promycelium formation

Ans:II, IV, III, I
64 Match the following

Ans:A - IV, B - III, C - II, D - V
65 [A]: Gametangia of one mycelium of Rhizopus sexualis can not fuse with gamtangia of another mycelium of the same species
[R]: Rhizopus sexualis is not heterothallic

Ans:A is false but R is true
66 A + strain progametangium of Rhizopus stolonifer has 108 nuclei and –strain progametangium 124 nuclei. Upon successful completion of sexual reproduction, there is formation of 224 daughter mycelia. What must be the minimum number of nuclei that each gemetangium is expected to contain.

67 Choose the incorrect set

Ans:Prommycelium – Diploid – Germ sporangium
68 Singly forming hyphae of Rhizopus are
I. Zygophores
II. Sporangiophores
III. Rhizoids
IV. Promycelium

Ans:I and IV
69 [A]: Life cycle of Rhizopus is haplontic
[R]: All stages of Rhizopus life cycle are haploid

Ans:A is true but R is false
70 Non-septate structures of Rhizopus are
I. Promycelium
II. Sporangiophores
III. Progametangium
IV. Rhizoids
V. Stolons

Ans:all except I and IV
71 During sexual reproduction of Rhizopus, degeneration of nuclei is noticed in the following structures.

72 The following event can not be seen in the life cycle of Rhizopus

Ans:Cell plate formation
73 The structures of Rhizopus that show the degeneration of nuclei are
I. Columella
II. Germ sporangium
III. Young zygospore
IV. Mature zygospore

Ans:I and III
74 Zygophores of Rhizopus are

Ans:Transformed stoloniferous hyphae
75 Apical growth of following structures of Rhizopus is limited



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