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1 [A]: Carotenoids are made of non-mineral essential elements
[R]: Carotenes have C, H and O

Ans:A is true but R is false
2 The following pigment is a hydrocarbon.
I. Lycopene
II. Lutein
III. Zeaxanthin
IV. β-carotene

Ans:I and IV
3 Water soluble photosynthetic pigments are seen in

Ans:Blue-green algae ; Red algae
4 [A]: Carotenoids are accessory pigments.
[R]: Lycopene protects the chlorophyll from photo-oxidation

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
5 Light Harvesting complex has

Ans:All types of photosynthetic pigments
6 Light energy is converted into chemical energy by

Ans:P 700
7 In photosynthesis the light energy is utilized in the form of

Ans:Red light
8 If a LHC absorbs 2000 photons, the minimum number of photons involved in exciting the reaction centre would be

9 The presence of two phases (Light reaction and Dark reaction) in the mechanism of photosynthesis was first reported by

10 Match the following

Ans:A - V, B - IV, C - I, D - II
11 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and IV
12 [A]: NADP has ADP
[R]: It has Purine nucleotide

Ans:A is false but R is true
13 Potassium ferric oxalate is used to demonstrate

Ans:Hill reaction
14 In Z scheme Hill and Bendall did not show

Ans:Translocation of Protons
15 [A]: DCMU inhibits non-cyclic electron transport
[R]: It prevents the binding of PQ to cytochrome b/f complex

Ans:A is true but R is false
16 Number of photons required for the formation of one NADPH during non-cyclic electron transport is

17 Choose the incorrect statements
I. P680+ is a strong oxidant
II. P700+is a strong oxidant
III. Energy is lost as heat during the transport of e- from P680 to Pheo
IV. The electron that reduces the PC has less energy than the electron that reduces cytochrome b/f complex.

Ans:All except II
18 Arrange the following in a sequence of gradual increase in the amount of energy that they carry.
I. P680+
IV. P 700

Ans:IV, II, III, I
19 The number of photons pumped into lumen from stroma due to oxidation of 12 molecules of water during Z scheme is

20 Arrange the following electron carriers in correct sequence of their participation in non-cyclic electron transport.
II. Pheo

Ans:II, IV, I, III
21 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and III
22 [A]: P680 is a chlorophyll a molecule with absorption maxima at 680nm
[R]: P680 can not absorb blue light

Ans:A is true but R is false
23 The following pigment molecule can not transfer the light energy to other pigment pmolecule

24 During photosynthesis, the light energy is first converted into

Ans:Excitation energy
25 Identify the pigment molecule which has relatively at higher energy level

Ans:Chl* formed due to absorption of blue photon
26 [A]: Reaction centre is devoid of chlorophyll b
[R]: The photons absorbed by chlorophyll b can not be transferred to reaction centre

Ans:A is true but R is false
27 The photons absorbed by antenna pigment molecules is transferred to reaction centre by a phenomenon known as

Ans:Resonance transfer
28 [A]: Photosynthetic rate is more in blue light than red light
[R]: Blue light has lesser wavelength than red light.

Ans:A is false but R is true
29 Match the following

Ans:A - III, B - IV, C - II, D - I
30 [A]: Oxygen is not evolved in bacterial photosynthesis
[R]: CO2 is not fixed by photosynthetic bacteria

Ans:A is true but R is false
31 Most of the global photosynthesis is carried out by

32 During photosynthesis Oxygen is evolved in

33 The chemical formula for Chlorophyll b is

34 Methyl group of Chlorophyll b is attached to

Ans:II pyrrole group
35 The number of carbon atoms in Phytol tail is

36 Chlorophyll b is

Ans:Olive green
37 Phytol tail of chlorophyll is attached to

Ans:IV pyrrole group
38 Match the following

Ans:A - I, B - IV, C - III, D - II
39 [A]: Bacteria do not evolve Oxygen in their photosynthesis
[R]: They lack Chlorophylls

Ans:A is true but R is false
40 Phytol tail of chlorophyll is esterified to the following pyrrole group of head


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