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1 [A]: Biotechnology is multidisciplinary subject
[R]: Biotechnology is based on the principles of only Microbiology

Ans:A is true but R is false
2 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Acetone and Butonol are produced by a species of Clostridium
3 Maximum benefits of Biotechnology have been utilized by the following field

4 Vitamins that are commercially produced by using microbes are
I. Vitamin B12
II. Riboflavin
III. Thiamine
IV. Vitamin A

Ans:All except III
5 Large scale production of Mushrooms play a role in

6 Choose the incorrect pair

Ans:Bread making - Chloromycetin
7 Enzyme commonly used in used in dairy industry is

8 Study the following lists and choose the correct match
List – I  List – II
A) Interferon  I) Insecticide
B) Probe DNA  II) Taipei
C) Golden Rice  III) Sensitive biological detector
D) Baculo virus  IV) Viral vaccine
   V) Immuno modulators

Ans:A - V, B - III, C - II, D - I
9 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:II and III
10 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and III
11 Number of genes involved in Vitamin A production is

12 Labeled single stranded DNA is called as

Ans:Probe DNA
13 [A]: Genetic engineering is based on the principle of crossing over
[R]: Endonucleases and ligases are used in rDNA technology

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
14 Choose the correct statement with respect to Genetic engineering

Ans:Genetically modified organisms do not have any undesirable genes of donor organism
15 In Vitro gene cloning is carried out by using

16 If the half of the sequence of nitrogen bases of a restriction site on one strand is “TCA”, the remaining half in continuation must be

17 Ezymes used during isolation of a plant gene belong to the class

18 The following enzyme is not used for separation of a desired gene from the donor organism

19 Chilled ethanol is used in genetic engineering for

Ans:Precipitating DNA
20 The sequence of nitrogen bases (Nucleotides) of a DNA strand at its restriction site is identified from 5'→ 3' as “ 1G2C3T4A”. With respect to this match the following and identify the correct match.

Ans:A - III, B - IV, C - I, D - II
21 [A]: DNA polymerase is used in Thermocycler
[R]: Themocycler is used for in vitro synthesis of several copies of vector DNA

Ans:A is true but R is false
22 Arrange the usage of the following in correct sequence during isolation of gene from the donor organism
I. Detergents
II. Chilled ethanol
III. Ultracentrifuge
IV. Gel Electrophoresis

Ans:I, III, II, IV
23 Lysenco coined the term

24 Plant A can flower if exposed to a light period of 2 hours or 14 hours in a day but can not flower if not exposed continuously for a dark period of 10 hours. Plant B can not flower if not exposed continuously for a photoperiod of 10 hours and can flower if continuously exposed to 2 or 12 hours of dark period. Choose the correct statement from the following.

Ans:A is Short day plant and B is Long day plant
25 To isolate a gene from the donor genome by using EcoRI, the total number of hydrogen bonds and covalent bonds to be broken are respectively

Ans:16 and 4
26 Circular plasmid can be made linear by the action of

Ans:Restriction endonuclese
27 [A]: A plasmid with several restriction sites for a restriction enzyme can not be used as vector
[R]: A vector with several similar restriction sites may loose some of the useful regions needed for effective gene transfer into the host.

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
28 Peptidoglycon of bacterial cell is not digested by
II. Lysozyme
III. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Ans:I and III
29 Chimeric DNA consists of

Ans:Vector DNA and donor DNA
30 Arrange the action of the following substances in correct sequence during the method of genetic engineering.
I. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
III. Calcium Chloride
IV. Lysozyme

Ans:II, IV, I, III
31 [A]: rDNA can replicate itself in the host bacterial Cell
[R]: rDNA has promoter regions in the vector DNA portions as well as in the donor DNA region

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
32 During the method of genetic engineering, Antibiotics are used in one of the following steps

Ans:Selection of desired transformed cells
33 Genetic probes are used during

Ans:Colony hybridisation
34 Humulin is produced by

Ans:Transgenic E. coli
35 The techniques used in Plant Transgenics are
I. Tissue culture
II. rDNA technology
III. Hybridoma

Ans:I and II
36 For gene transfer into host cells, the most common method used in Plant genetic engineering is

Ans:Plasmid mediated gene transfer
37 The total number of Plant species in which Transgenic plants are produced is

Ans:more than 50
38 Plasmid of the following bacterium is extensively used in Plant genetic engineering.

39 First produced transgenic plant was a

40 Usage of transgenic plants for large scale production of useful products is called as

Ans:Molecular forming
41 Basmati variety of rice is resistant to
I. Virus
II. Bacteria
III. Cold
IV. Salt

Ans:III and IV
42 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Molecular farming can revolutionise biochemical industry
43 Flavr Savr is transgenic

44 Match the following

Ans:A - I, B - II, C - III, D - IV
45 Study the following table and choose the correct combination

Ans:I and II
46 [A]: Transgenic plants are more efficient than plants produced by hybridization
[R]: Desirable gene present in any organism can be successfully inserted into plants through genetic engineering

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
47 Blindness in children can be prevented by using the following food

Ans:Transgenic Taipei rice
48 [A]: GM crops may pose threat to biodiversity
[R]: Gm crops are not naturally evolved.

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
49 This has application in forensic science

Ans:DNA finger printing
50 The environmental concern of genetically modified crops is/are
I. Development of herbicidal resistance in weeds
II. Transfer of allergens to domestic animals
III. Alteration of normal evolutionary pattern
IV. Change in fundamental nature of vegetables.

Ans:I and III
51 Field trials of genetically modified crops are monitored by

52 The ultimate molecular switches are

53 Genetically engineered microorganisms are used in

Ans:Environmental clean up
54 [A]: Some transgenic plants are not beneficial to mankind.
[R]: Products of transgenic plants may posses allergens

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
55 Various diseases of human beings are easily diagnosed by

Ans:rDNA technology
56 Match the following with respect to Genetic engineering

Ans:A - V, B - III, C - IV, D - I
57 Tissue culture is a major biotechnological tool in
I. Agriculture
II. Industry
III. Horticulture
IV. Forestry

58 [A]: Sieve cells are not totipotent
[R]: They do not have mitochondria

Ans:A is true but R is false
59 Totipotency in plants was first experimentally shown by

60 The first plant developed through tissue culture has the following morphological characters
I. Involucel
II. Storage roots
III. Pedicellate flowers
IV. Didynamous androecium

Ans:I, II, III
61 Basal medium is devoid of

62 The following of Culture medium is not a nutrient

63 Arrange the usage of the following in correct sequence during the method of tissue culture
I. Cotton Plugs
II. pH strips
III. Organic and inorganic nutrients
IV. Agar

Ans:III, II, IV, I
64 The pH of the nutrient medium must be maintained between

Ans:5.6 – 6.0
65 The following conditions have to maintained during autoclaving

Ans:121°C temp. 15 lb pressure, 15 min. time
66 [A]: Both Sodium hypochlorite and 0.1% Mercuric chloride are used during the preparation of explant selected from a younger leaf.
[R]: Both are surface sterilizers.

Ans:A is false but R is true
67 Autoclaved distilled water must be used during the following stage of Tissue Culture.

Ans:Preparation of Explant
68 Benzyl amine is used in tissue culture for
I. Rhizogeness
II. Caulogenesis
III. Obtaining seedlings from seeds

Ans:I and II
69 [A]: 2,4-D is preferred over IAA in tissue culture
[R]: 2,4-D is not destroyed by light and high temperature.

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
70 The culture vials with nutrient medium must be plugged with non-absorbent cotton because

Ans:It prevents the entry of microbes and promotes exchange of gases
71 The following one should not be selected as explant during tissue culture

Ans:Hypodermis of Cycas leaflet
72 Explant is

Ans:A living part of plant introduced to culture medium
73 Most popular culture medium used in tissue culture was prepared by

Ans:Murashige and Skoog medium
74 In Tissue culture Sodium alginate is used for

Ans:Making synthetic seed
75 Formation of the following is usually a must during the method of tissue culture


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