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1 The species of Cycas that grows naturally on Tirumala Hills is

Ans:C. beddomii
2 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Cycas rumphii is not natural inhabitant of Eastern ghats
3 Cycas rovoluta is a

Ans:Japanese species
4 [A]: Cycas shows habitual heterophylly
[R]: Stem of Cycas is Caudex

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
5 Leaves of Cycas are

Ans:Unipinnate, Paripinnate
6 Choose the correct statements
I. Scale leaves of Cycas show fern character
II. Scale leaves of Cycas outnumber of Foliage leaves
III. Scale leaves show circinate vernation
IV. Scale leaves are spirally borne on the stem

Ans:All except III
7 Dimorphic structures of Cycas are
I. Leaves
II. Leaflets
III. Roots

Ans:I, II, III
8 Leaflets of Cycas do not have

Ans:lateral veins
9 Match the following with respect to Cycas

Ans:A - III, B - IV, C - I, D - II
10 Fern character of Cycas foliage leaf is

Ans:Circinate vernation of leaflets
11 Dichotomously branched structures of Cycas are

Ans:Coralloid roots
12 Structures of Cycas that help in gaseous exchange
I. Foliage Leaves
II. Normal roots
III. Coralloid roots
IV. Scale leaves

Ans:I and III
13 Apogeotropic growth is shown by
I. Coralloid roots
II. Stem
III. Normal roots
IV. Tap root

Ans:I and II
14 Choose the correct statement with respect to Cycas

Ans:Pericycle of corallod root is not single layered
15 The following portion of coralloid root has highly disorganized tissue

Ans:Middle cortex
16 The number of vascular bundles seen in the corallod root of Cycas is equal to the number of vascular bundles seen in the roots of

Ans:Plant with tendrillar leaflets
17 [A]: Coralloid roots help in exchange of gasses
[R]: They have lenticels

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
18 Druses are present in
A. Epidermis of Cycas leaflet
B. Non-green ground tissue of Cycas leaflet
C. Middle cortex of Cycas corallod roots
D. Inner cortex of Cycas coralloid roots

Ans:B, D
19 Arrange the following structures of Cycas leaf let from adaxial side to abaxial side.

I. Phloem
II. Metaxylem of Centripetal xylem
III. Metaxylem of Centrifugal xylem
IV. Protoxylem of Centrifugal xylem

Ans:II, IV, III, I
20 Cells of transfusion tissue have

Ans:Bordered pits
21 In Anatomy, leaflets of Cycas show resemblance with leaf of Monocots in having

Ans:Sclerenchymatous bundle sheath
22 Match the following with respect to Cycas

Ans:A - III, B - II, C - IV, D - I
23 Chooose the correct combinations with respect to Cycas leaflet.

Ans:II and IV
24 [A]: Secondary transfusion helps in conduction of minerals and water
[R]: It has tracheids.

Ans:A is true but R is false
25 Total number of Xylem groups in the Cycas leaflet vascular bundle is

26 The following tissue of Cycas leaflet forms axial system as well as radial or lateral system.

Ans:Transfusion tissue
27 In the mode of vegetative reproduction, Cycas shows more resemblance with

28 Cycas is

Ans:Dioecious, Heterosporous
29 [A]: Male plant of Cycas shows sympodial growth
[R]: Axis of the Cycas male plant is formed by the stem as well as successive single branches

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
30 Fern characters shown by microsporophyll of Cycas is/are
I. Sori are covered by indusial hairs
II. Formation of microsporangia as sori on abaxial side
III. Presence of Apophysis
IV. Triangular shape

Ans:I and II
31 Choose the incorrect pair with respect to Cycas

Ans:Exothecium – Thickened tangential and radial walls
32 Indusial hairs of Cycas microsporophyll are

Ans:1 or 2 celled
33 Cycas coralloid roots exhibit the following condition

34 [A]: Bulbils of Cycas are adventitious buds
[R]: Vegetatively propagating structures of Cycas are formed on woody portions of Cycas stem

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
35 Choose the correct statement

Ans:Coralloid roots of Cycas have 2-3 layered pericycle
36 Megasporophyll of Cycas is shaped as
I. Pinnate
II. Ovat-lanceolate
III. Rhomboidal
IV. Triangular

Ans:All except IV
37 Choose the correct statement with respect to Cycas

Ans:Young Megasporophyll of Cycas is totally covered by Ramenta
38 Cycas ovule size is

Ans:6 X 4 cm
39 In the number of integuments, the ovules of Cycas can be compared with the ovules of

40 Vascularised structures of Cycas ovule are
I. Outer Sarcotesta
II. Nucellus
III. Endosperm
IV. Inner Sarcotesta

Ans:I, II, IV
41 Archesporial cell of Cycas female plant produces

Ans:Megaspore mother cell
42 Free nuclear divisions occur during the following event in Cycas

Ans:Endosperm formation
43 [A]: Pollen chamber of Cycas ovule is a Lysigenous cavity
[R]: Pollen chamber is formed by the lysis of integument.

Ans:A is true but R is false
44 The maximum number of archegonia seen in a megasporophyll with minimum number of ovules is

45 Pollination drop consists of substance formed by the degeneration of cells of

46 In degree of Curvature of Ovule body on the Funiculus, ovules of Cycas can be compared with the ovules of

47 Choose the incorrect statement

Ans:Every ovule of Cycas has only one egg
48 [A]: Endosperm of Cycas is haploid
[R]: It is formed by Megaspore mother cell

Ans:A is true but R is false
49 In the totally developed male gametophyte of Cycas one can not observe
I. Generative cell
II. Tube cell
III. Body cell
IV. Prothallial cell

Ans:I and III
50 Arrange the following cells of Cycas male gametophyte in sequence of older generation to younger generation of cells.
I. Generative cell
II. Tube cell
III. Male gamete
IV. Antheridial cell

Ans:IV, II, I, III
51 Identify the pairs of cells formed simultaneously during the development of Cycas male gametophyte
I. Tube cell – Antheridial cell
II. Body cell – Male gamete
III. Stalk cell – Body cell
IV. Prothallial cell – Antheridial cell

Ans:III and IV
52 Match the following with respect to Cycas

Ans:A - V, B - I, C - IV, D - II
53 [A]: Cycas shows zooidogamy
[R]: Cycas male gamete moves into archegonium by ciliary movement

Ans:A is true but R is false
54 Arrange the following of Cycas with gradual increase in the number.
I. Maximum number of layers of secondary transfusion tissue.
II. Number of cells present in the developed male gametophyte of Cycas
III. Minimum number of Archegonia in female gametophyte
IV. Maximum number of ovules on a megasporophyll

Ans:III, I, II, IV
55 Nucellus of Cycas nourishes
I. Embryo
II. Endosperm
III. Male gametophyte
IV. Seedling

Ans:II and III
56 Choose the incorrect statement

Ans:Anemochory is shown by Cycas
57 Seed dormancy in Cycas is due to

Ans:Physiologically immature embryos
58 The part of embryo that has direct contact with Suspensor is

59 Arrange the following structures present in Cycas seed in correct centripetal sequence.

I. Tigellum
II. Sclerotesta
III. Endosperm
IV. Perisperm

Ans:II, IV, III, I
60 [A]: Seed of Cycas has tissues of 3 generations
[R]: It has perisperm, female gametophyte and daughter sporophyte

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
61 This is fern character of Cycas

Ans:having multiciliated male gametes
62 The cilia of Cycas male gametophyte are arranged in

Ans:4-5 spirals
63 Match the following with respect to Cycas seed

Ans:II and III
64 [A]: Cycas shows heteromorphic alternation of generations
[R]: It has morphologically different gametophytes

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
65 This structure of Cycas has relatively less number of cells

66 Seeds of Cycas are dispersed by

67 During Cycas seed germination the first structures that become aerial are

68 This is not the fern character of Cycas

Ans:dependent gametophyte
69 [A]: Life cycle in Cycas is described as Diplontic haplontic life cycle
[R]: It has two haploid structures in its life cycle

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A


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