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1 Arrange the involvement of the following cell organelles in a sequence during Photorespiration
I. Chloroplast
II. Mitochondrion
III. Peroxisome
IV. Chloroplast
V. Peroxisome

Ans:I, III, II, V, IV
2 Photorespiration is also known as

Ans:C2 Cycle
3 During Photorespiration, O2 is utilized by
I. Mitochondrion
II. Chloroplast
III. Peroxisome

Ans:II and III
4 For complete loss of Carbons of one molecule of Glucose through Photorespiration, the number of oxygen atoms utilized is

5 Photorespiration causes the loss of

Ans:Assimilated Nitrogen
6 If both Photosynthetic Carbon Reduction and Photosynthetic Carbon Oxidation Cycles are operated simultaneously in a green cell of C3 plant, the number of ATP required for the formation one hexose, at the cost of RuBP is

7 The following enzyme does not show absolute specificity for the Substrate during Photorespiration.

8 Match the following with respect to Phororespiration

Ans:A - III, B - I, C - IV, D - II
9 [A]: Photorespiration is known to protect the C3 plants from photo-oxidative damage.
[R]: It prevents the destruction of Chlorophyll by excessively formed oxygen in Photosynthesis

Ans:Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
10 At normal air levels of CO2 and O2, the ratio between CO2 fixation to Photorespiration is

Ans:4 : 1
11 Choose the correct statement with respect to Photorespiration

Ans:No net usage of NADH2
12 During Photorespiration, the 2nd class of enzymes of IUB are involved in the formation of
I. Glycine
II. Serine
III. Hydroxypyruvic acid
IV. Phosphoglyceric acid

Ans:All except II
13 During photorespiration, Ammonia is liberated from

14 Law of minimum was proposed by

15 The most common natural limiting factors of photosynthesis are
I. Oxygen
II. Carbondioxide
III. Light
IV. Temperature

Ans:II and III
16 Choose the correct statement

Ans:At high light intensity, with increase in CO2, the photosynthetic rate increases only upto certain extent.
17 In Photorespiration, NH3 is liberated during the formation of

18 The following intermediate of Photorespiration is subjected to decarboxylation

19 The total number of reactions that occur in Peroxisomes during C2 cycle is

20 Match the following with respect to Photorespiration

Ans:A - IV, B - III, C - V, D - II
21 The most abundantly present enzyme on this planet has acitive sites for
IV. O2

Ans:All except I
22 The fixed CO2 is transported into to the Cytosol from chloroplast stroma in the form of

23 The techniques used by Calvin and his associates to discover the path of Carbon in Photosynthesis were
I. Autoradiography
II. X-ray crystallography
III. Gel electrophoresis
IV. Paper chromatography

Ans:I, IV
24 Arrange the formation of the following in correct sequence during Calvin cycle
I. Xylulose-5-Phosphate
II. Erythrose-4-Phosphate
III. Ribose-5-Phosphate
IV. Sedoheptulose-7-Phosphate

Ans:II, I, IV, III
25 Total number of reactions in calvin cyle is

26 The conditions for more rates of Calvin cycle than Sucrose formation in Cytosol are
I. More availability of CO2
II. More availability of ATP and NADPH2
III. More availability of O2
IV. Less atmospheric temperatures

Ans:I and II
27 This is not the substrate for transketolase reaction of Calvin cycle

Ans:Dihydroxyacetone phosphate
28 Match the following with respect to Calvin cycle

Ans:A - III, B - IV, C - I, D - II
29 Study the following table and choose the correct combination with respect to Calvin cycle

Ans:II and III
30 [A]: Reduction reaction of Calvin cycle is dephosphorylation reaction
[R]: The product of the reaction is a triose

Ans:Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
31 The ratio between the number of trioses transported from chrloroplst to cytosol and number of RuBP regenerated during Reductive Pentose Phosphate pathway is

32 Activity of this enzyme removes phosphate from the substrate as inorganic phosphate.

Ans:PEP carboxylase
33 Hatch and Slack discovered a pathway of photosynthesis in the plant

34 If 4 H+ must be transported to for the generation of one ATP in CF particle, the number of photons involved in photosynthetic electron transport of Sugarcane to form a molecule must be

35 This event of photosynthesis need not always be associated with thylakoid.

Ans:Formation of NADPH2
36 Arrange the following applied by Calvin in correct sequence to elucidate C3 cycle
I. Methanol
II. X-rays
III. C14O2
IV. Paper chromatography

Ans:III, I, IV, II
37 Main end products of C3 cycle are

Ans:Starch, Sucrose
38 Match the following with respect to Photosynthesis

Ans:A - IV, B - III, C - II, D - I
39 Study the following table with respect to C4 cycle and choose the correct combination

Ans:All except IV
40 [A]: All reactions of C4 cycle take place in Chloroplast
[R]: The reactions that occur in mesophyll cell chloroplast do not occur bundle sheath cell chloroplast

Ans:A is false but R is true

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