Saturday, January 29, 2011


Common namehardy begonia
Life cycleperennial (Z6-9)
Flowerssoft pink, white (September)
Lightpart shade
Cultural notesordinary garden soil (not too dry)
From seed germinate at room temperature (do not cover)
detailed seed-starting info below

We grew our first from seed, labeled as subspecies evansiana. So tiny and delicate as seedlings, I was surprised they survived - but they did, and by mid-summer, it was showing off its lovely foliage; by late summer, the first soft pink flower appeared. In the years following, I thought several times that the plants were lost, but in fact they are just very late to emerge: late May or early June in our garden. Somewhere along the line we picked up a few new plants, probably not of the subspecies - these are the white ones above, making for an appealing contrast in foliage and flower with the Daphne retusa behind it

Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana

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