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Steps in overcoming fear can be summarized under the following headings:

1)Remember, fear is a response developed in the animal world to protect animals from life and death situations. Whenever you are in a situation that invokes fear or whenever you are thinking about such a situation, ask yourself, “Is this a life or death situation?” In more than 99% of the situations that we are afraid of, it is NOT. Then, tell yourself “Since this is not a life and death situation, and fear is a response designed for life and death situations, I need NOT invoke my fear response NOW”. Than, RELAX as explained below. In technical terminology, this may be termed as RECONTEXTUALIZATION.

2)RELAXATION: You have heard this time and again but this IS important: Breathe DEEee…PLYyyy.. and SLOooo..WLYyy…The time taken for you to say “One thousand and one” is roughly one second. To begin with, count from one thousand and one to one thousand and seven to breathe IN and one thousand and eight to one thousand and fourteen to breathe OUT.



Over a period of time, you can progressively increase the duration of your each breath by increasing the counts that you make during each cycle

Sometimes, clinching your fists for 10 seconds ad then, releasing them can also help you overcome your fears in an acute situation.

3)VISUALIZATION: When you are not in an acute situation and do anticipate a “frightening” situation (Hopefully, by the end of this article, nothing will be frightening to You!), VISUALIZE it. PICTURE it on the screen of your mind. This is a capability only you have as a human being. Visualize each and every detail of the situation that you possibly can. Now, using steps 1 and 2, IMAGINE how you actually want to handle the situation Confidently. PRACTICE your VISUALZATION AGAIN and AGAIN. Remember, especially if your fears involve other people, think and VISUALIZE “WIN/WIN” solutions.

4)AFFIRMATION: Write down your fears. Then, on another piece of paper, write an affirmation as if you have already conquered your fears. Write in PRESENT TENSE and in FIRST PERSON. Remember, the affirmation needs to be POSITIVE and driven by UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES (e.g., DO NOT write “I don’t want to be afraid of others”. Instead, write “I (first person) am (present tense) confident (positive) of serving others (universal principle).” Your affirmation can be a paragraph long. In your affirmation, you can write the steps you are taking to overcome the fears. You can also write the benefits that overcoming fear brings for you. For example, It gives you Happiness, Peace, Security and Wisdom. Paste multiple copies of this affirmation in your house or work area. Refer to it and visualize it daily for at least three weeks.

5)FAITH: Have FAITH in God or a Superior Power. Feel its Presence with you, always. Also, remember and believe that if you follow Universal Principles of Service, Harmony, Mutual Benefit and Trust, and act accordingly in daily life, God’s power will always be with you. Such is the Universal Law! ACCEPT Death as a Natural Consequence of Life!

6)SHARE: Share your thoughts with others and help them become fearless as well. This reinforces your Courage.

7)EVOLVE: By following these steps, you can Grow and Evolve out of your fears into Courage, Confidence, Security, Wisdom and Peace.

Remember, fear is the basis of all other negative emotions like Anger, Jealousy, Anxiety, Rivalry, Frustration and Disenchantment. You can address each of those emotions by thinking of them as manifestations of fear and applying the above steps.

May God’s Force Be With You!

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