Thursday, December 2, 2010


Competitive exams are the exact gate way to select the capable person for various professional courses in India. Nowadays many students are trying these Competitive exams, however, seats are limited and not all who appears for this exam can be selected.
In this heavy competitive situation, the success brings immense glory and confidence to act well in the future of an individual also.
The students can appear for Competitive exam after 12th or Competitive exam after graduation.
Here are some tips and suggestions for candidates to prepare well and take part in the competitive exams. The real hard work, dedication and self-confidence bring the fruitful of success in competitive examas.

Self Motivation and Confidence:
The candidate should always have positive attitude, determination and motivation. The preparation Without a high level of aim or motivation can not be succeed. Once you think of appearing for Competitive exams, you must be ready to put your complete effort to make the thing best. While preparing you should be very confident, with the help of confidence in yourself you can move mountains. Thus Confidence matters a lot.

Hard work:
Once you are motivated, you should spend sufficient number of hours to gather knowledge. The real hard work with significant sacrifices of an individual can work well to achieve success.
You might have heard this proverb "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy".
Therefore it is very important to have some relaxation like sports, music, outing, etc. inbetween.Doing exercise regularly can help to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind.

Knowledge Update:
In order to prepare and success competitive exams you must update your knowledge. You should be clear that you have adequate and correct knowledge about the particular concepts you prepare for exam. Solving sample question papers as much as possible can help a lot.

Time and Data:
To get clear competitive exams one has to prepare at least 5 hours daily. It is advised to prepare a time table and allot time slices for each and every concept. It is better to maintain a database for covered and non- covered chapters.

Mind Practice:
It is very important that your mind should be sharp to face competitive exams. If you go through the things with sharp mind you can understand the concepts clearly. You can get your normal mind to sharpen, by giving excise to your brain regularly by solving crossword puzzles, maths puzzles, reasoning aptitudes etc.

Solving Sample Question Papers:
The very important strategy while studying for competitive exams are to start solving Sample question Papers and to work out previous year competitive exam papers which helps to get an idea about the possible questions, also you can find out the time requirement of each part. By solving these question papers you can get the familiarity of repeated question and can face the competitive exams with out ant tension.

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