Thursday, November 11, 2010


TIPS TO CRACK Multiple Choice Questions


Dealing with MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS is an art and to get a seat in entrance examinations, you have to be a master in it.
According to my personal experiences I am giving you a few tips that may be of help while attempting the Multiple Choice Entrance Exams.

These tips apply to all the competitions where there is negative marking (up to 1/3rd or ¼Th)

Tip no 1 Try to attempt max questions.

Tip no 2 Give max time to the easiest question. If the first option is a correct one, look at the last option to make sure it is not an "all of the above" option. The same is true for the "none of the above"

Tip no 3 Read every option, even if you are more than 100% sure about the 1st option.

Tip no 4 Try exclusion mechanisms in case of confusion.

Tip no 5 Know anything about the question or the options – leave the question

Tip no 6 can rule out 1 option, try to attempt it.

Tip no 7 Always try to imagine the topic (in your notes or book) .After reading the question cover the answers with your hand and now try to answer it .when you come with some look for it in the given options.

Tip no 8 Always use true or false method in case of negatively worded question (as in "which of the following are NOT . . .”), or the questions having” all except” put a T or F beside each option, then simply select the odd statement.

Tip no 9 Before marking the option ask yourself “reason to mark it right “ or
“Does it make any sense or not”

Tip no 10 if while dealing with the question, your logic says something and your knowledge says something else; in this confusion always follow your knowledge.

Tip no 11 when guessing, do not change answers.

Research indicates your first answer is usually the correct one. However, don't be afraid to change answers when you have a good reason for doing so.

Tip no 11 Allow time at the end to check for carelessness and Silly mistakes
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