Thursday, November 11, 2010


1 Before start doing the paper, First thing is to maintain your cool stabilize yourself. Keep your eyes closed for 30 seconds, remember your god, your parents and other loved ones and finally your ambition. And when you feel your heart beats are normal and your confidence is back, open your eyes

2 Synchronize your watch with the clock in the examination hall

3 Open your hall ticket and keep it with other stationary on your table. It can save your valuable time and also distraction during the exams.

4 Read the instructions given on the question paper very carefully. also listen carefully any announcement made by the examination authority in your room.

5 Use pen or pencil as suggested by the examination authority, also keep in mind about the allowed color of the pen. Mostly black or blue pen are allowed and red pen is forbidden so keep this in mind

6 Fill up your details in the answer sheet with full senses intact any mistake at this point can cost your seat, even if you perform outstandingly in the exams.

7 Take a quick glance of the whole paper; go through all the pages of it quickly so that you can get aware of types of questions and their placement in the paper but it should be done in first 2 or 3 minutes only.

8 Develop art of judging the question .You should be able to judge, whether you should go for it or not. Every question has equal marks, easier o tough. So it is important to judge the question. You should never attempt any question which you don’t know head and tail of it.

9 You can proceed with the paper in the order of questions or can attempt it subject wise according to you command over the subjects. This is your personal priority. Take the strongest subject first and weaker latter.

10 While attempting multiple choice questions ( MCQs ), use 4 stages method

  1st stage these questions are from topics that you have prepared well. You have done questions containing similar concepts earlier with ease and you are confident that you will be able to solve these. These are the easiest questions for you and the most scoring ones also .do it fast but without any carelessness. There is no place of mistakes in these questions; it is like a bonus round so try to score as much as possible.

 2nd stage you know you can solve these questions but they are a bit time-consuming, nevertheless you are confident you will be able to crack them when you come back to them. These questions should be attempted in the second round of question attempting, tick them in the first stage for easy identification later.
  3rd stage: these are the most time consuming questions you are not sure you can crack them rightly or not but you can give it a try after doing 1st and 2nd stage questions. Mark them double tick for easy identification later.

  4th stage these are the questions you have no idea about...Encircle them (for identification) and don’t attempt them.

11 Never attempt many questions at the same time. Concentrate on only one question at a time. Give your 100% to it and solve it correctly remember attempting the questions in haste increases the chances of error only.

12 Carry out all rough work only in the space given in the paper. If you need a diagram or picture to understand questions in say physics or biology etc, do make one. Don’t hesitate to do the rough work.

13 Use the value of constants given in the question paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, than only use the one you remember. Sometimes the value given is not the exact one but it is the one which will derive the right answer.

14Give all three subjects equal time

15 Keep your eye on the watch. If any question is taking more than expected time, leave it for the last moment.

16 Many students do silly mistakes like marking option of the different question on the answer sheet, sometimes marking the whole column wrong ( frame shift mutation, as I called it) so always keep a ruler or scale horizontally over the answer sheet while marking to minimize these mistakes.

17 At last count the no of circles (left questions) and the match them with the all blank options question no. on the answer sheet to ensure that the questions you left are really the ones left unmarked on the answer sheet

Dear the most important point in the whole mission selection is “how you perform on the day of the entrance test"

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