Thursday, November 11, 2010


Some tips just before the test

1. Take at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep before the test to keep yourself fresh and awake while solving questions.

2. Don’t forget to take breakfast or meal before the examination so that you don’t feel drowsy or weak during the paper. Some students have a habit of going to the centre without eating any thing .NEVER GO TO THE CENTRE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH

3. Make a list of all required objects for the exams like wrist watch ( in proper working condition ) pen ,pencil ,rubber, sharpener, hall ticket and other relevant stationary etc and always check this list before proceeding to the examination centre.

4. Revise only those topics that you have studied earlier. Do not start reading any new topic just before the exams, since this will be wastage of time and you may forget the information you have already gained and it can also confuse you at that crucial time.

5. You should try to reach the center at least half an hour before the examination and if you haven't seen it before, then you must go and visit the center a day before the examination.

6. If your examination center is in another city- in that case try to reach there one day before the examination.

7. Some students complain of nausea or headache close to the test. If you also have any such problem, keep relevant medicines with you.

8. If you have your own vehicle, ensure it is in proper running condition and has enough fuel in its tank. Now try to reach the test center at least 1 hour before the exam so that you can manage the time in case of any unforeseen incidents (accident, tyre puncture traffic jams etc)

9. If you do not have a vehicle, ensure a means of traveling that reaches you to the center well in time; again give at least an hour of time for unforeseen delays...
10. Last but not the least always pray to god and take the blessings of your parents before leaving the home

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