Thursday, November 11, 2010



These tests in India are one of the two most difficult examinations. It needs a lot of hard work, determination and tons of good luck to get a seat in these competitions. Limited seats and unlimited candidates 
, So it’s not the matter of just performing outstandingly but you have to perform better than the others. I call it selection by means of non rejection. The aim of such examination is to reject almost all of the candidates and to select only those who escape this rejection. To get your selves among those lucky ones is a hard task and you have to crack it DON’T YOU? 

So the first step in the preparation is your determination. Make a do or die attitude, secondly make a plan of what to study and how to study. For these tests your preparation for every subject should be high class. Take the syllabus of the respective subject and prepare all the given topics (syllabus based study) .its good to consult many good books to prepare a topic, it helps in easy understanding but it can also confuse you some times. So make a rule, make one book as your main reference book like for all India PMT / IIT JEEE its NCERT books. After preparing the topic make it strong by group discussions, test series, multiple choice questions etc .do all the available test series and MCQS related to the topic and also practice to do it under strict time control. Dear out of thousand students if only one is getting the seat what does it mean? It doesn’t mean he was the best among all others. He was also not the most intelligent one but he was surely smart enough to secure the seat and to be such smart you need some skills. Time management is one of them. there are many questions in the competition which are very easy and any body can answer it rightly but only those who took minimum time succeeds so try to be one of them .
Always remember
Proper hard work in the right direction is the real key to success

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