Thursday, November 11, 2010


Study has always been a nightmare for every student

No one wants to skip his favorite TV shows, cricket match, and hangout with friends partying and all like this stuff which is usually forbidden by the parents.

It is also natural for them to behave like this because they are just kids

but my dear this world is not for kids.

It’s full of tough guys who want to win the world with their hard wok and confidence so the rule here is "survival of the fittest"

and my dear you have to survive.


So i am giving you some tips to make study simple and easy. All I need from you is your WILL POWER (the greatest power on earth).

So are you ready.....OK

Tip no 1. Change your thinking about yourself

Think you are the best and you can do it. All you have to do is to change your views about yourself



i will tell you this different way but i need your confidence to get started so be confident

confident like a winner

Tip no 2 . Learn time management

You have limited time.

So you have to be very perfect in your time management

Always make time bound plan for your study,say you have to complete math’s chapter in 1 day and English in 2 days.

Try to do it like that and if you fail to complete the first task in the allotted time don't extend it. Just leave it and proceed to the next task.

Divide the remaining time up to the exams in 2 phases.

give 80% of the total time to phase 1 and rest 20% to phase .
At the end of the phase 1 your preparations should be totally complete as you are ready for the final exams any time after that.

Next 20% should be given for revisions, mock tests, exam rehearsals etc

Tip no 3. Three phase study... Gain more in less time

Read it with full concentration as it’s a bit complicated.

Phase 1

Open the book
read all content of the topic with understanding try to make a story out of it, relevant or irrelevant doesn’t matter but it should help you to remember the topic
for example Mr. blood eats in red and white plates (blood has 3 types of cells , rbc,wbc and platelets.. anything like that .
its just your creativity.
take your time to make some story out of the topic .
After reading close the book try to remember the topic as much as you can
and if possible do it by speaking loudly .
It finishes your phase 1
now you can proceed to another topic (better if another subject) in the same manner.
Initially try to cover 5-6 topics in a day than you can increase gradually.
Also don’t forget to write your story/summary part some where. (May be in your secret note book)

Phase 2

After 5 - 6 days try to recollect what you read that day.
Remember that story.
Write all the important points about that topic.
Don’t worry if you remember only a few points.
Now take a marker (should be of light color only) and read the topic again (faster this time). Mark all the points which you think are important.
After reading close the book and try to write all the important points it ends phase 2.
Repeat this procedure for other topics in the same way

Phase 3

5 - 6 days after the phase 2 sit again, remember again and write again.
Open the book take another marker (darker this time) but now read only the marked portion (faster again) and mark the most important keywords among the already marked portion with the darker marker.
It completes phase 3

Now make a routine .
open the book every week or fortnight take a look at all the marked portion and this way you will save a lot of time and cover a lot of portion

But remember my dear our goal is not to cut time for study it’s for saving time for more study

Because we have "limited time and unlimited course" to cover

Tip no 4 secret note book

Always maintain a note book
I call it daily revision book.
Don’t make separate note books for different subjects, but make separate sections in the same one
Now, the content part. Don’t write too much.
Try to be as concise as possible and a good method is to write story part (remember tip no 3) or the summary of the topic in your own words.
Write all the related key words or key points about it.
About the keywords make some easy mnemonic or formula to remember it.

Our prime objective of this note book is rapid revision of the syllabus in a very short time.
Mind you if you are taking more than 1/2 hour to revise any topic through this note book it needs editing.
Daily and quick revision should be the goal.
Because if you want better results there is only 1 short cut.
More and more quick revisions.
So make a habit of revising more in less time and soon it will give you the desired results.

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