Sunday, October 24, 2010


MBBS is a bachelor level course and it stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is one of the most rewarding career for those interested in biological science. It has a very great importance in the society as it is the science of curing sick people.
The MBBS course is a very difficult course of study. The course duration is also very large. MBBS is a five and a half year full time course which includes one year long internship. Due to this difficulty and long duration, only those candidates can complete these courses, who have great interest in the subject and a deep sense of serving others. Moreover, only a limited number of seats are available for students to pursue MBBS course. But in spite of all these difficulties, every year thousands of doctors pass out from medical colleges all over the country.
A doctor’s profession includes a lot of hard work and patience. The job of a Doctor is a full time duty. There is no specified working hour for a Doctor. Due to this, sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage work and home together along with each other. Due to this reason also many of the young generation do not go for the medical profession. But still there are a lot many candidates for whom the medical profession is most fulfilling career option.
Being a Doctor is undoubtedly one of the most reputed jobs. The government gives many facilities to a doctor. The salary of a Professional with a MBBS degree is much high as compared to graduates in other fields. The doctor commands a respect in the society. Due to all these and many other reasons, MBBS is still on peak.

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