Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is a common problem faced by many students who are seriously into studies.
If you are lacking on confidence then it’s sometimes very tough to prepare for exams like AIIMS,AIPMT etc as confidence plays a major role in clearing these exams.

Stop Looking at Others:
So here I jot down some of the ways to increase your confidence.

First of all stop looking at your friends, what they are doing. Until and unless you are not aiming for AIR 1 you should not worry if someone is performing better than you. After all you have to capture only one seat not all.

How to Gain Confidence?
To gain confidence first you have to learn all formulae’s and understand the basic concepts .Then start with understanding solved examples. This will help you to get an insight as well as lot of confidence.
Don't Waste Your Precious Time:
Once again stop looking at others .This is a major mistake done by others. Most of the students spend lot of their precious time thinking about what others are doing.How much they have completed. blah blah.....Don’t do that please.
If you have any problems regarding your confidence you can post in the comment box. I will try to solve it.

Believe in yourself ... You can do it...

Best of luck.......................................................               M.RAVI TEJA, LECTURER IN BOTANY

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