Saturday, October 23, 2010


Imagine this situation …
while studying you are not able to concentrate...Your mind starts wandering of everything except studies...Whatever you read everything bounces of your mind.
This problem is with everyone. If you haven’t faced the above situation you will surely face it.
Here I provide the best technique which will help you to concentrate on studies.
I applied the following trick on myself and many others have tried it. The response is always positive
If you guys have problem with movies, games, ...Etc and you just cannot control yourself then …
For a week just control yourself. Just for a week make up your mind and be rock rigid that you will not watch TV or play computer games and study 12 hours or more just for 1 week.
And if you can do it honestly and study for 12 hours a day without watching TV and others distractive things then believe me, from the 8th day onwards all your problems will be solved.
From the 8th day when you will sit to watch TV and you are not studying than you will feel the guilt and you will be automatically forced to study.
Try it out guys…Just for 1 week...if it works again like every time don’t forget to inform me
.................................... RAVI TEJA

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