Friday, May 14, 2010


Ø  The content of "Personal interview " keeps on changing candidate to candidate.
Ø  All shortlisted candidates are equal in IQ now you have to impress upon that you are different from others with respect to knowing people and society around you.
Ø  You should know geneeral information about the place you are coming, specific problems and achievemts of  that area, reflect your commitment to Army and  the Nation  through knowledge and awarness. Why you want to join Army. 
Ø  Besides Interview, you should also be prepared for physical fitness
Ø  The tougher part of the AFMC Exam is its medical test and not the questions.
Ø  General questions regarding the family backgrounds are asked followed by simple text related questions.
Ø  They ask general facts, majority of which consists of current affairs.
Ø  Some questions also include the syllabus of the entrance exam as well as things taught in earlier classes-like history ,geography
Ø  Please note that if you have joined the N.C.C you will get extra points for it.
Ø  During preparation go through News Paper daily, especially editorials.
Discus day to day events and important happenings with your Parents /relatives /classmates /friends in English.
Ø  Form opinions about various events and try to convince them about your ideas without arguing

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