Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tips and Tricks to Crack PMT 2010

The All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) is a yearly college entrance examination in India. The exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in several medical colleges around the country.

AIPMT will have two Objectives round this year. Here we are placing few tips and tricks which will help you in cracking AIPMT 2010.

Important chapters

Here is the list of Most Important chapters that you must learn by heart!


Heat and thermodynamics (graphical), SHM and Waves, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Magnetic effect & Electromagnetic induction. It is always preferable to go for modern physics as lots of questions are asked from this unit. Concept of Projectile, Impulse, Momentum & centre of Mass are also a few important chapters in Mechanics.


* Organic Chemistry – General organic chemistry, biochemistry.
* Physical Chemistry – Chemical & ionic equilibrium, kinetics energetic, radio, nuclear and surface chemistry.
* Inorganic Chemistry – Analytical chemistry, redox, stochiometry, periodic properties, chemical bonding and organo metallic compounds.


* Cell Biology – Structure, organization, function of reproduction of cells, cellular enzymes.
* Plant and Animal Physiology – Plant water relations, photosynthesis, plant nutrition, respiration, nutrition, circulation, respiration & osmo-regulation in animals, nervous coordination and integration in animals, chemical co- ordination.
* Economic Zoology – Domestication and improvement of animals.
* These biology chapters help you solve tricky and simple questions: Systematic, genetics, morphology of flowering plants, internal structure of angiosperm in plants, animal tissues, and reproduction of flowering plants, ecosystem, biodiversity, human diseases and technology for medical application, bio-energy and growth of human population.

Time management

1. Align your biological clock by practicing mock tests within the stimulated time for PMT. Remember: practice makes perfect!

2. While answering your exam, go for the direct questions i.e. the questions, which are directly based on the topic, first.

3. Tackle all questions you are sure of answering, correctly. Guessing will not help due to negative marking. For each incorrect response, one third of the total marks allotted to the question will be deducted.

However, no deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated in the answer sheet. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked.

What to study?

This is one of the most frequently asked question , which book should we read for preparing for PMT Entrance test??

Here I am placing a list of few books which will be very help full in cracking AIPMT 2010.


* Firstly, the most imp., stick to NCERT! Believe me people it is a must before considering any other book…
* Secondly, once you have gone through the NCERT. The book you must read is Truemans Elementary Biology!!! A great book for cracking any PMT exam, AIPMT, UPMT, AIIMS.
* Thirdly, after reading these books your basics must have been all-clear. Now what you need is to test yourself…so take any objective question bank and test yourself..
* And Lastly, take previous year question papers and go through them! They are must! The following book provides you with 22 year question papers of AIPMT and that also chapter wise!


* Firstly, NCERT
* Secondly, Dinesh Subjective Physics and chemisrty
* Thirdly – Any objective question bank for both physic and chemistry. Though I prefer Dinesh publications only..
* Finally, Previous year question papers [MUST]

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