Wednesday, April 28, 2010


14.       A Rhizopus mycelium shows 20 fascicles of sporangiophores. If each fascicle contains minimum number of sporangiophores. What will be the no of sporangia.
15.       A Rhizopus mycelium shows 10 fascicles of sporangiophores each fascicle contains minimum number of sporangiophores. If each sporangium produce 20 spores each one with maximum no of nuclei, How many nuclei are involved in the formation of sporangiospores
16.       A Hypha of Rhizopus shows 20 Intervening empty spaces what will be the no of chlamydospores.
17.       A + Gametangium with 55 nuclei and – Gametangium with 40 nuclei are involved in Gametangial copulation. How many Haploid nuclei are find out in the Zygospore.  
 18.      A zygospore of Rhizopus produces 160 Germspores how many meiotic division are required for the formation of these germs spores.
19.       +Gametangium of Rhizopus contains 60 Nuclei and – Gametangium of Rhizopus contains 85 nuclei. If these two are involved in gametangial copulation. How many haploid nuclei are formed in Zygospore and how many – Germ spores are liberated .
20.       A Germ sporangium of Rhizopus produce 240 Germ spores each one shows 8 nuclei how many + nuclei are involved in Karyogamy takes place in Zygospore
21.       Five Rhizopus stolaniferous gametangia with allele ‘A’ are undergoing fusion with their mating    types and each one consists of 200nuclei , find out the maximum number of Germspores can be formed with Allele ‘A’ from this reproduction
22.       A + Gametangium with 50 nuclei and – Gametangium with 65 nuclei are involved in gametangial copulation. 50% of the diploide nuclei are failed to develop further. How many – germspores are liberated from Germ sporangium.
23.       Two gametangia of a Rhizopus belonging to Rhizopus stolanifer species, one having 55 ‘+’ Nuclei and another having 66 ‘–‘ Nuclei, fused to form Zygospore.  The number of ‘+’ and ‘–‘ meiospores produced respectively in germs sporangium developed from zygospore are:

14.     40
15.     4000
16.     19
17.     160
18.     40
19.     240, 120
20.     60
21.     2000
22.     50
23.     110,          110

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