Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1.       A dense patch on the wall contains 25 funaria plants. How many Antheridiophores and Archegoniophores are recognized in these 25 plants.
2.       Antheridium of funaria shows 50 Androcyte mother cells , find out the number of Androgonial    cells , Androcytes and antherozoids
3.       An Antheridial cluster shows 6 Antheridia each one with 20 Androcyte mother cells. How many Antherozoids are liberated from this cluster.
4.       A dense patch contains 20 funaria plants each Antheridial cluster contains 8 Antheriadia each one with 24 Androcytes. How many spermatozoids are liberated from each funaria plant 
5.       An Antheridial cluster contains 5 Antheridia and all are produce 200 spermatozoids. If all Antheridia produce equal no of spermatozoids. How many Androcyte mother cells are produced in each Antheridium.
6.       An Archegonial cluster contains 6 Archegonia what will be the number of following cells from this cluster.
            A)Minimum no of cells present in Archegonial cavities (neck canal+ venter canal )
            B) Total no of cover cells
            C) Minimum no of Neck canal cells
            D) Minimum no of cells degenerated in the archegonial cavities at maturity.
7.       An archegonial cluster contains 8 Archegonia. If all archegonia are involved in fertilization. How many meiotic divisions are takes place in zygotes
8.       A dense patch of funaria plants shows 20capsules. What will be the no of following from this patch.
            A) Total no of Spore sacs      
            B) Total no of peristomial teeth
            C) Total no of peristomial teeth having lignin thicknings
9.       A capsule of Funaria having 28 sporogenous cells. If these cells undergo divisions for four generations to produce spore mother cells, how many spores are liberated from this capsule.
10.       How many spindle apparatai and equatorial plates are required for the formation of 240 spores from sporogenous cells
            [ Sporogenous cells undergo divisions for two generations only]
11.       20 spores of funaria are germinates to produce protonema. Each spore is ruptured on both sides. Each protonema produce 20 buds, How many pyramidal apical cells are recognize in all  protonemas.
12.       If a leaf cell of Funaria shows 20 chromosomes. Each archegonium has minimum no of neck canal cells. what will be the no of chromosomes in the following structures
            a) Root cell
            b) Pyramidal apical cell
            c)Androcyte mother cell 
            d) Venter cavity in each archegonium
            e) All the cover cells in each archegonium
            f) Archegonial cavity 
            g) Chromosomes degenerated at maturity in each archegonium
            h) Chromosomes seen in the T.S of neck of archegonium

1.     25 and Many
2.     50, 100, 100
3.     240
4.     3840
5.     20
6.     A) 48        B) 24         C) 36       D) 42
7.     0
8.     A) 20        B) 640       C) 320
9.     1792
10.     225, 165
11.     800
12.     a) 20         b) 20         c) 20        d) 40
          e) 80         f) 160        g) 140      h) 140