Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Date of Examination: The examination will be conducted at various centres in Maharashtra on Thursday, 6th
May 2010.

Schedule & Test Design: The MHT-CET-2010 will consist of three question papers. Each paper is of 100 marks.

Paper I : Physics & Chemistry (50 marks each)
Paper II : Biology (Botany & Zoology - 50 marks each)
Paper III : Mathematics (100 Marks)

There is no choice among the questions, i.e. all questions have to be answered. The candidate desirous of selection to Health Science courses and BVSc & AH should appear for Paper I & Paper II. The candidate desirous of selection to Engineering degree courses should appear for Paper I and Paper III and the candidate desirous of selection to Pharmacy degree course should appear for Paper I & Paper-II and/or Paper-III. Candidates will be provided with separate OMR answer sheets with each question paper. At the end of each paper, candidate will handover the OMR Answer sheet and Question booklet to the invigilator.

3.3 The candidate will be required to mark the correct answer by blackening the corresponding circle against the serial number of the question in the answer sheet with black ink ballpoint pen only. Out of four circles provided for selection of an answer against a question, the candidate should fill up one circle only. Each correct answer will be given mark/(s). There shall be no negative marking for wrong answers

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