Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep The Burning Desire Alive... E-mail Print PDF

For many years people have been blaming their Fate or destiny for their failures.
Others think that failures are derived from past life karma…
I honestly don’t know what exactly is karma or fate… it’s like a different language for me
I believe in accepting defeat and correcting my mistakes.

Is it true?

Some think that students are not able to clear IIT because of their fate. I don’t think so. You know what; each one of you has the power in your hand to change your fate or destiny. For those who disagree with me will soon agree with the above point.
Many of us have seen the airplane flying high in the sky .We all know the science behind it but we still get amazed when we see such a heavy object flying like a bird. Well this invention just didn’t happen overnight.
The credit goes to Wright brothers for the invention. We all know that Wright brothers had to face numerous failures before tasting success.

Were they destined?

Were they destined to create a plane? Was it their fate that got them create a plane?
I doubt...
It was their observation skills (birds) and desires to fly which made them create a machine which we call today as a PLANE.
It was their burning desire which made them work daily towards their success.

All frustration, taunts, etc were small as compared to their desire to fly. It is only through burning desire that a man can achieve anything.
If you have the desire then you have it…

Some AIPMT topper about whom I read about said they always used to dream of getting into the top MBBS college which kept their burning desire alive.

Keep the burning desire alive...

Therefore keep dreaming...And maintain the burning desire to succeed.

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